How Exercise Hurts Your Sex Life

  1. Steroids. Remember this guy? Don’t be this guy. Besides the cosmetic issues, messing with your hormones can certainly impact your reproductive capabilities.
  2. Overexercising. Like Mackenzie pointed out, sometimes you can reach a point where you exercise to the exclusion of everything else. Not only do you not mentally have the space to care about another person but physically you’re so spent that sex doesn’t even show up on your radar.
  3. Injury. A rolled ankle probably won’t put you out of business but a pulled groin or a sprained back sure will!
  4. Training schedules. Often a new athlete is like someone who just found religion. They eat, sleep and breathe their newfound sport. This single-minded devotion makes them universally admired by magazine editors. It also makes them despised on bulletin boards but I digress. Sometimes people get so enthused about their new healthy lifestyle that they lose all interest in other pursuits. Who can fit in nookie when you wake up at 4, go to bed at 8 and have to eat every 2 hours in between?

When Exercise is Your Sex Life

I think most women (and possibly men?) have come across a particular exercise move that is more fun than other moves – there’s a reason the term “coregasm” exists. Nope, not a myth. And I’ll just leave it at that. Oh and don’t use a Shakeweight in the gym. It was bad enough when I tried it out in the middle of Wal-Mart. Awkward.

I think it’s pretty obvious what the conclusions here are: never mix sex with lead pipes. Oops. I mean, fitness has the capacity to increase your enjoyment in the bedroom and your skills as a lovah – as long as you don’t take it to the extreme.

Does working out make you feel more sexy? Is a better love life a good motivator for working out? Anyone else try the Shakeweight??

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