If you think you’re exercises are getting too boring or routine, you may want to try a little something different to get your body moving today. Here are three fun ways to get into the spirit of working out!

Barefoot Running

Yes, live a little! Running barefoot is actually better for your feet than running with shoes on. Running shoes actually don’t provide good support for your heels or the sole of your feet, therefore running barefoot allows your feet to naturally curve the way it’s supposed too, without causing you to become off balance.

Nano Workout

If you only have a few nanoseconds to spend working out, then a Nano workout may be for you. Since many of us don’t have to time spend hours at the gym, we should focus on everyday solutions, in other words, a workout or exercise routine that we can do from our desks at work, or while we’re out and sitting at a bar. Check out some different nano workouts here.

Tabata Protocol Workout

Tabata Protocol workout is a high intensity workout that is designed to let you burn calories faster. It’s eight seconds of all 20 second workouts that gets your blood pumping and elevates your heart rate.

What are some other quick exercises to try?

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