Let’s face it, not every person is going to be on board with your healthy lifestyle. There are going to be a few times that the people you love and care about the most, will contribute to your weight loss regimen the least.
Here are some examples of who to watch out for:

1. Your College Roomates – Everyone’s been there. It’s movie night in your dorm, and you and most of your friends decide you’re going to binge on every type of snack ever invented. Bring on the wings, the popcorn, the soda, the pizza, the candy, the doublestuffed fudge cake — you get my drift. If this sounds like your college diet, than maybe it’s best being avoided all together. Trust me, it’s hard to tell your friends, ‘no,’ but your body will thank you later.

2. Your Grandmother – Oh sure, we love Granny. But Granny can significantly deter our diet, especially with all the love that she puts into her cooking. So we find ourselves having to sidestep the sauce and have a salad instead. But unlike our college roomates, we would never turn her (or her peach cobbler) down, that would be incredibly rude. If you’re in this situation, try to set limits. Instead of eating three pieces peach cobbler, maybe have only have one and a half.

3. Your Kids – How easy is it after a long day at work to come home and just throw yourself down on the couch and order an extra large pizza for your family, instead of making something healthy. Drop that mentality. Temptation is everywhere, and unfortunately it starts at home. Your kids will eat what you eat. So encourage them to have a wholesome family dinner.

4. Your Boyfriend – Ever heard of love weight? Those happy pounds you pack on because you and your boo are having multiple date nights where you’re dining out and having one too many glasses of wine? If you’re in a relationship where this is happening, try to switch things up. Try going dancing for a fun workout, or instead of that Italian restaurant that you love so much, switch it up to a vegetarian or vegan spot. I guarantee it will help you in the long run!

5. Your Co-Workers – Jan just got a promotion! Jerry’s wife is pregnant! Susie and Bill are getting married! What, it’s Molly’s birthday!? These are all reasons why the office makes it almost impossible to keep your diet in check. With the constant celebrations that are happening regularly, you might as well just forget you ever started Weight Watchers. Right? Wrong. Try influencing your co-workers to have healthy alternatives at the party. Even if it means you bring your own snacks to the celebration, that’s OK. Your tummy will love you for it.

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  1. how about Study abroad weight! I gained 10 pounds I’ve only been here since January and its going on May!! I didnt even gain the freshmen 15 ! Here I walk all the time like 15 mins to school up hill.. i get lost which leads to more walking.. i go on walking tours.. but I guess the wine and the bread is catching up with me.. I will get a grip as soon as I get back to the states

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