Have you seen Chaka Khan lately?

I admit that I hadn’t until I came across pictures of her recently. Seems the media has been so focused on Jennifer Hudson and Janet Jackson’s weightloss, that we’ve overlooked the Queen of Funk! She looks amazing, and has dropped an extraordinary amount of weight!

With no mention on how she dropped the pounds, I would bet the 59-year-old singer is just living well and being happy! Last year, the singer received her first star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame noting,

“Singing is my sanity. That is the way I stay as balanced as I possibly can, if you want to call this a balance. The best thing that you can do is to do something that you love and believe in. This is a blessing. This is another jewel in a crown of many jewels that I wear spiritually.”

We all know a well-balanced person will actively do more to lead a well-balanced lifestyle!

The “Through the Fire” singer was also recently caught sashaying down the runway at the annual Red Dress Fashion show, promoting heart health awareness.


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  1. She looks AMAZING! However, Kanye West sang “Through the Wire.” Chaka Khan sang “Through the FIRE.” 😉

  2. SuperDuperChiQ

    Ya, I think you mean “Through the Fire” But, yes, Chaka does look great! I love her hair!!

  3. Go ahead Chaka! Looking great!

  4. She is truly one of the greats, and she still got it! May God continue to bless you, Gorgeous Lady!

  5. She is such an inspiration. She looks great.

  6. Beverly Thomas

    She has always looked amazing ! Now she looks that same way but very comfortable in her skin and just as happy.

  7. The best diet in the world starts with Happiness! Chaka wears it well!

  8. Chaka, my Sista, my favorite singer looks absolutely Beautiful.

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