Whether you believe Beyoncé was pregnant or not, the 6-time Grammy winner gained lots of weight last year. Recently, the beautiful pop-diva has hit the scene, showing off her dramatic weight-loss.

According to some gossip rags, Mrs. Carter has lost over 30 pounds in a six to eight week window since having Blue Ivy.

That’s a remarkable amount of weight lost in a short amount of time, which, whether celebrities like it or not, becomes the marker for her fans who also want to look fabulous.

Over at Huffington Post, physician Khandee Ahnaimugan gives some tips to people who have slower metabolisms or have a few years on Beyonce.

Many women who achieve reasonable amounts of weight loss in a month will give up, because they don’t feel they are losing weight fast enough. They question their approach. They might even blame themselves, their metabolism or their genes. But it’s got nothing to do with those things. They have done nothing wrong. It’s just that when you are doing things sensibly, that’s how long it takes.

So if four pounds a month is an acceptable rate of weight loss, how does this explain Beyoncé’s results? One report suggested that her personal trainer had actually moved in to her house and she was doing up to four hours of exercise a day. As well as this, she was living on a diet of “protein shakes, egg-white omelettes, pineapple chunks and lots of ice-cold water.”

This is not a regular diet or exercise regime. And most women would not be able to sustain this. I cannot imagine the kinds of pressure someone like Beyoncé is under to get back into shape as soon as possible, but I do know that this is not a desirable or realistic strategy for most women.

And also, remember, Beyonce is only 30. It’s much easier to lose weight quickly when you’re 30 than when you’re 50.

Beyoncé has access to many more resources than the average weight-loss maven. Long before she put on the added baby weight, Beyoncé was already in tip-top shape. Over a decade of working out and eating healthy prepared her body for the challenges of pregnancy. She most like also continued a modified version of her workouts and diet during her pregnancy which kept her body used to exercise making it easy to drop the weight post baby.

More than likely, she will incorporate the expertise of a nutritionist or dietitian, and a personal trainer.

So don’t feel bad if can’t keep up the pace with Bey because your consistency will pay-off.

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  1. 30 pounds in the eight weeks following birth is not altogether uncommon especially if a woman is breastfeeding. You are losing a lot of the fluid and weight that was being held within the body during pregnancy. I only gained 23 pounds with one baby and 23 pounds with twins yet in both cases I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight by my six week check up. The danger in losing this fast is if you stop breast feeding and you continue to eat like you were while you were you will gain the weight back quickly so women need to check their post breastfeeding intake carefully.

    • @Tanya:

      Well said, Tanya, I was all baby belly when I had my first child and by my 6 week check up I was back in my daisy dukes (this was in 1993) and no one believed I had a baby either. And breastfeeding does help. I breastfeed my 1st & 2nd child. With my second child I wasn’t so lucky, because I was past the age of 30 and had long stop working out. I went from 150 to 200 (while pregnant) and only dropped back down to 180 by my 6 week check up. It took me some time to get to back to 150 because I was too busy to workout every day.

      Basically losing weight immediately after a child is born is easier than 6 months to a 1 year of more afterwards. And if you’re overweight before even getting pregnant 🙁

  2. If beyonce only gained the recommended 25-30 lbs during pregnancy, should have lost at least half of that as soon as the baby, placenta and fluid left her body. It’s really not rocket science. Any I find it do silly for people to act as if they really know her diet and excerise regimen. Not to mention any crazy diet right now would run contradictory to her breast feeding.

  3. It’s not hard when you were never pregnant.

  4. Beyonce looks like she is working out because her face looks normal. Whenever you see celebs lose weight the wrong way … j HUD *wink* *wink* … they heads look swole. Beyonce is my fitness inspiration I can keep up

    • @Journey: lol, but at the same time, Beyonce couldn’t of lost more than 30-40 pounds (and half of that wasn’t even fat), whereas Jennifer Hudson lost what? 100 lbs. o more of all fat?

      Beyonce looks good, though.

    • @Journey: You’re just hating on Jennifer Hudson!!! She looks gr8 and if she didn’t lose the weight… you and every one else would dog her like they do Adele… No body just can’t win with you haters… green does not look good on you!!!!

      • @Paula: Girl you’re delusional if you think you can over 100 pounds that quick the right way. Whatever that is. But I don’t want to “hate” on j HUD cuz we know her stans are crazy. 😉

  5. Beyonce is young and she’s breastfeeding. Thats how the weight came off. She’ll tone up if she exercises. I’ve also done weight watchers and if you follow the program, it works. It’s not like Jennifer Hudson came out 6months later with the weight loss, her kid is almost 3. So, if she breastfeed, exercised and did weight watchers, the weight came off.

  6. Oh … give it a rest! I too recently had a baby on December 24, 2011 and I jumped carnival in a barely there costume during Trinidad Carnival, on February 20 and 21, 2012. I only gained 30 lbs during pregnancy and it’s off already! SMH.

  7. Look there is no reason to hate on Beyonce or Jennifer Hud I know that they both are strong
    women. I feel like this whatever size you want to be go for it, because you have to face waking up an looking in the mirrow. Beyonce has looked beautiful since the day she was born. shes smart, nice, educated, and believes in God, So on that note keep doing you B. And Jennifer, shes
    beautiful, believes in God as well, if she want to get to a size zero that’s were she’s happy at. So I say to you keep on going. Both women are educated, never heard anything bad about them in the media, i feel as though they are happy with doing them. I give them there props, Keep up the good work. Talented Black Females, Bless You

  8. it’s ridiculous!!! If Beyoncé ever being pregnant how does she managed to gain as much weight as Victoria’s Secret models, I mean, like “ NOTHING”???? Who is still stupid enough to believe in this scam??? Look at Jessica Simpson, ok SHE IS PREGNANT!! Beyoncé with her bone and body structure would never look like that in 6 weeks after real pregnancy!!! Whom even being pregnant knows!!!

    • @Kukla:

      Look at super model Heidi Klum, she popped out 4 babies & is still modeling… Nicole Richie has had two and still pencil thin….Halle Berry stayed out of the media view while pregnant too and went back down to pre baby weight….Angelina Jolie has had a baby and rumored to be pregnant with twins and she still looks like a stick figure :-). Jessica Simpson had a weight problem before she got pregnant so she really doesn’t count, she was never pencil thin 🙁

      I work in social services and have had girls at my desk and I could not tell they were pregnant and some wouldn’t tell me until they needed the hospital bill paid, this was usually after the baby was born.

      There are plenty of celebrities that would prefer to keep their children out of the public eye.

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