This week the country seemed stunned when Miami Heat star LeBron James was caught by some photographers riding his bike to work before his game against the Chicago Bulls. The sight of this young multimillionaire who can afford the finest in luxury transportation on a bike became quite the talking point, even though LeBron says he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about, especially since he chooses pedal-power over horse-power on a fairly regular basis.

Riding your bike to work is actually a great way to stay healthy, but before you follow in LeBron’s footsteps here are a couple of pros and cons to weigh before getting your ride on.

Pro: Easy Way To Get A Daily Workout

Many of complain that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to fit in a workout. But what if you traded your crowded train or bus ride for a heart pumping, fat burning bike ride instead? Then you don’t have to worry about rushing to the gym after work or feel guilty if you skip the gym because you worked overtime.

Con: Battling The Elements … And Sweat

Riding your bike to work seems like a great idea, until it rains or a snowstorm hits. Then there’s the issue of riding in the summer in 90+ degree weather and getting sweaty before you even step foot into your office. Also it could increase the impact of air pollution on your health. Researchers in London found that people who cycle to work have 2.3 times more soot from vehicle exhaust in their lungs than individuals who walk to work.

Pro: Saving Money

With gas prices rising higher each day, riding your bike to work can save you a ton of money every month. With that extra money in your pocket you can stock your pantry with healthier food options or sign up for that Zumba or yoga class you’ve been meaning to try.

Con: Losing Sleep … And Time

Depending on how far away from work you live riding your bike to work can really eat into your sleep. Having to get up earlier than normal to account for the extra time you’ll need to bike in to work can make for a very cranky employee. Then to have to take the long ride back at the end of the work day can cut into your relaxation time with your family at home.

Finding the balance between fitness and your daily routine can be tough, but like they say, no pain, no gain, and the benefits of bike riding are sure to be worth the sacrifice.

Would you ride a bike to work?

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  1. I did it fir a few months but the city I live in is very polluted. It was being to affect my breathing. My bike hasn’t been touched in months. Do you know how effective masks could be?

  2. i’m thinking instead of walking to work

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