For as long as any of us can remember there have been “Yo momma so fat she…” and other jokes poking fun at the overweight. Whether you’re slim or overweight, it’s easy to laugh at these jokes if they’re funny, I’m guilty of it and I could stand to lose a pound or fifteen myself. However, the one thing I would never do, overweight or not, is allow myself to be degraded for the pleasure of others.

With obesity at an all time high, many overweight women (and some men) seem to have taken the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em approach” and instead of getting healthy, they are allowing themselves to be the butt of jokes poking fun at their weight and appearing in videos like this one titled, wait for it … “Fat Hungry B*tch.” Really? In the video a woman who is attractive, yet clearly obese, backs it on up like a U-Haul truck on a rotisserie chicken and wears a necklace made of chicken wings, while some man with a 6-month pregnant gut raps about how fat she is.

Why on Earth would anyone do this to themselves? No, being obese is not the sexiest thing in the world, in fact it’s one of the deadliest, and being overweight doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. However, if you feel the world doesn’t embrace your big girlness, the way to get them to accept you as you are is not to dance around licking a chicken. Allowing yourself to be degraded for laughs only helps the world to see you as a joke, not a person and it clearly shows your lack of love for self. Obesity is no laughing matter. The heart conditions, pain, diabetes and more that come from being obese kill and there’s nothing sexy or funny about being dead.

I’m not saying that the occasional “Yo momma….” joke can’t still happen, they can be funny as hell, but obese people are not modern day minstrels here for our entertainment, put on display for us to pick apart. Of course as long as there is a big girl (or guy) out there willing to lick a chicken, there will be someone out there willing to use them as a joke. But before they sell their souls for laughs I hope these men and women take a moment to stop laughing long enough to realize that they are worth so much more.

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  1. I look at this the same way a lot of video girls act like straight slores for lil to no money…they degrade themselves too & it’s not healthy either. I am not any more offended by this video than I am by music videos that are shown everyday degrading women.

  2. Everyone should recognize this shit is foul. I cannot understand why people will do this to themselves for one and for free secondly. I hate this type of stuff. It continues to paint a grotesque image of black women in the imagination of our country.

  3. I can’t say I laughed at this. I wonder why it wasn’t the other way around – Woman singing about how she likes a “Fat Hungry Nigga”.

  4. Wow….this video is totally offensive stuff like this is why people think they have the right to say and treat obese people the way they do. Not Funny!!!!

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