There’s no doubt that ‘Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada has a body that most women would die for, so when she turned up in the latest issue of Maxim magazine donning nothing put lingerie no one thought twice about it. Until they saw her abs. You can’t have a body like Evelyn’s without hitting the gym every now and then and while the thought of her having a six pack isn’t impossible, the abs in the photo looked unreal. Remember the toy WWF wrestlers or He-Man dolls with the perfectly chiseled and overly defined abs, yea, she looked something like that. Clearly there was something off.

Immediately the internet called foul on Evelyn’s abs saying they were heavily airbrushed, pointing out the “now you see them, now you don’t” differences in her abs in various photos for the spread and claiming whoever was in charge of the edits did a poor job. Evelyn of course took to her twitter page to refute the allegations claiming:

“Chad (Ochocinco) forces me to do an ab workout with him each morning. Who in their right mind would have fake abs #Corny,”

No one in their right mind would buy fake abs (although I’m sure there are a few who have), but that’s the brilliance of Photoshop, you don’t have to actually have fake abs, you can simply create them after the fact and it appears Maxim may have done just that with Evelyn. You be the judge!

Do you think Evelyn’s abs are real? How do you keep your abs right and tight?

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  1. This ratchet woman. SMH

  2. Those abs are faker than a 3 dollar bill. LOL. Why do women of color women let these publications turn them into objects of vanity and prententiousness

  3. If Chad Ochocinco had any respect for her he would tell her she is a Queen and should not lower herself by posing in such provocative pictures. Abs are fake.

  4. How is her abs SO well defined, but the rest of her body looks “regular?” I’m in the gym 5x a week & the women I’ve seen with abs like THIS, their WHOLE BODIES are muscular! Stop the lies Evelyn! Lol

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