From time to time we all do it. After a particularly long or stressful day all we want is a little comfort. But instead of heading for a soothing bath or stress relieving kickboxing session, we reach for food. From ice cream to pizza, whatever your vice, emotional eating can wreck havoc on your body and pack on the pounds. This was a lesson Neo-Soul singer India Arie learned the hard way when after experiencing an emotional tailspin four years ago she developed bad eating habits. She usually depending on her natural athletic build and genetics to get by, but when it came to the effects of emotional eating her body was no match.

Arie recently sat down with to talk about getting her mind and her body back on track saying “It was challenging getting myself into the mind set to lose the weight. Once I got there the weight dropped off quickly.” She made a decision to do better by herself, physically and spiritually. Along with exercise, she also switched her diet.

“Our food choices show up on our body. [We have to] know that are no short cuts to looking and feeling our best,” she says. “I am still learning about this but it shows up on my skin when I am off-balance…and I feel more tired, too.”

Arie recognizes that so many people these days are emotional eaters and are struggling to lose the weight so she gives some simple, sage advice to anyone out there looking to lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle. What’s that advice you ask? Arie suggests you simply breathe. “You would be surprised how much it helps all of your body systems and more surprised by how we, in general, don’t make the most of the power of our breath.”

Are you an emotional eater? How do you find ways to keep your fitness on track when you’re stressed?

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