In this thing called life, stress is a regular visitor. Whether it’s stress from bills or that crazy family member who thinks you’re their personal therapist, it’s hard to escape its clutches. The problem with stress however is that too much of it can cause serious health problems. It can cause dangerous increases in blood pressure and can also cause us to delve into the pits of emotional eating. So if you can’t get rid of stress in your life, how can you reduce it enough to combat the negative side effects? Personally, I find that soaking in a chamomile bath, sitting in silence with a good book, or doing a relaxing workout like yoga or Pilates helps when I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed. So far this has helped keep my health, and my sanity, in check, but I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.

How do you reduce stress? Has stress ever affected your health?


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  1. A while ago I read something that basically said happy people have an attitude of gratefulness and gratitude. After reading that I decided to start a grateful log/journal. I write in it at least 5 days a week about things I’m thankful for. Prayer, exercise, and venting to my closest friends help a lot too.

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