Viral videos come in all shapes and forms, and this latest video of an unidentified woman at Planet Fitness is a classic.

Apparently all alone, this mysterious woman went to work on the treadmill — twirling, hopping, and dropping it like it’s hot all while not breaking her rhythm.

Can’t be mad at her, but where is her TV One Life After special like fellow treadmill twerker A.J. Johnson?

All jokes aside, this lady should motivate anyone who thinks that exercising is monotonous or not fun.

But curiously, we wonder what she was listening to, so we offer you a few options she may have been in the zone with …

Sound off: What music gets you through your workout?


The System – Don’t Disturb This Groove

Ludacris – How Low

R. Kelly – Step in the Name of Love

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  1. Traci Anderson has treadmill dance videos as well. It’s an innovative form of exercise.

  2. Rebirth brass band… do what you wanna

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