The business of food is well documented and brings a momentary “shock and awe” to people’s consciousness — then we scarf down whatever is closest, cheapest, and quickest. Seriously, what have all the informative documentaries accomplished? Congress still takes egregious amounts of lobbying cash from large food corporations, making malfeasant, rapacious decisions that impact what is and isn’t going to be on you and your children’s plate.

We are increasingly witnessing the loss of control over our lives — particularly our food — believing that if we have infinite choices of a few subsidized crops we have real freedom of choice. Fast-food restaurants and large-chain grocery stores are not as much as the problem as the press (us) makes them out to be. They are moving in predictable manner, seeking to preserve their own and their stockholders interest regardless of any negative externalities.

If no one has the time to review all the confusing and tedious bills in Congress, for whatever reason, and since our world’s I.Q. and critical thinking skills are purposefully being chemically and technically dumbed-down, the spoils will continue to go to the most shrewd of CEOs. Plain and simple …

Luckily, despite all the cynicism in the previous paragraphs, there are good folks like ones over at, who make easy to digest charts, which detail the very disturbing trends in our food supply.

Check it out below and weigh in: Do you even care if your food comes from a small group of large food corporations?

Conglomerate American Food Infographic

Source: Frugal dad


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