Chris Brown has been in the media a lot in past year.  From his infamous and violent assault of his then girlfriend, pop-singer Rihanna, to his very public resurgence back into the limelight of pop culture with his new album F.A.M.E., Brown’s public life has been a polarizing topic of conversation.

Brown, 21, is undeniably one of the best entertainers in the world, but similar to his R&B and pop forefathers, he walks the tightrope between genius and jester.  With as much fame and riches that he received at such a young age, it’s understandable that he’s made very public and regrettable mistakes, but it’s not forgotten.

His behavior after a tough interview on Disney’s morning talk show ABC Good Morning America suggests that Brown is still very immature and derives too much of his self-esteem from material sources like money, technology, and celebrity.

As Brown develops with age and experience, hopefully he will place more importance on his mental health and deals with the “ghosts” of his childhood encounters with violence.  On the other hand, he must be commended for persevering despite his troubled upbringing.

One aspect of Brown’s public life that’s consistently great is his dancing skill.  Dancing is one of the best ways of working out for both genders; it promotes the release of stress that every human society needs for survival.

Considering the obesity epidemic in America, Brown’s attention to his craft should again be one of most celebrated facets of his celebrity. It has kept him from losing the battle with junk food, nutrient deficient fast-food, and high-calorie drinks that continues to plague America’s youth.

Hip-hop, krump, and jazz dancers utilize a wide range of movements that walk the line between anaerobic and aerobic exercise.  There is no wonder Chris Brown’s body is on the mind of his fans across the globe.

As he grows from a wiry teenager to a slightly more muscular young man, we here at Frugivore hope he continues to entertain his followers without falling into the many traps of celebrity culture.

Here are some pictures of the progression of Brown’s physique.  Enjoy!!

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