“One large popcorn; One large soda; One piece of candy.” This might be the average food order placed at the local cinema. The inflated prices of the junk food served at cinemas across America may have turned off movie-goers already, but it seems the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to put a nail in the coffin by placing the calorie content on the tubs of popcorn and plastic containers of extra cheesy nachos.

FDA regulators are seeking to enforce their provisions in movie theaters by the end of this week. The provision, that originates in the federal healthcare law passed last year, would require large movie theater chains to place the calorie content on food prepared and served to customers by cinemas at concession counters.

Most large theater chains are understandably upset that the federal government is once again cutting into their profits made off food that is synonymous with the movie-going experience.

The National Assn. of Theater Owners, a heavily funded lobbying firm, have tried to make sure that their client’s displeased voice is heard on Capitol Hill.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the lobbyists argue that the proposed rules are an unwarranted intrusion into their business because people visit theaters to consume movies, not food.

Movie theater owners and customers alike understand that the food served at the concession stands is not of the highest quality. A large bucket of buttery popcorn alone can place over 1000 calories in your digestive system.

Candy and other pre-packaged food already has nutritional labels, and those foods have still sold consistently.

Much like the fight put up by fast food chains last decade, movie theater chains will succumb to these minor glitches in their profit driven entertainment market. Few people will ever notice the changes, and the smart theater marketing agents will soon see the profit in going “green.”

What do you think? Do you think these regulations will make you pass on the large popcorn or nachos at movie theaters?

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  1. I’m happy about this…maybe it will make people think twice about ordering a large popcorn if they can clearly see that it is 1000 calories. 1000 calories is breakfast & lunch for me.

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