The Health-Care Law signed into legislation by President Obama last year will face a challenge from the newly emboldened House Republicans.  Many freshman congresspeople, along with the old guard, are trying to make a name for themselves after a wave of support tipped the balance of power in their favor during the 2010 mid-term elections.

House Majority Speaker (R-OH) John Boehner is leading the “make-work” repeal against health-care reform.  The Republican’s tactics will include “tit-for-tat” laws to slow the implementation of the larger reforms, and symbolic speeches in hopes of awakening the nasty tensions that came to represent the health care debate. It’s basically a step-by-step introduction of “how to take people’s mind off of what is really important.”

Finding the key issues to overhaul a very centered health-care bill will take a monumental effort from Republicans given the fact that Democrats still narrowly control the Senate, and President Obama promises to veto any repeal legislation that reaches his desk.

Still, Republican lawmakers want to offer their vision for how health-care should run in America, which was summed up in House Majority Leader (R-VA) Eric Cantor comments this morning, “I think you saw this election, the vote on Obamacare was very central to the outcome.”  Essentially, the House Republicans approach to reform is to go against anything Obama and the Democrats conceded in the bill.

Nothing the Republicans can or would propose will help ease the nation’s crumbling health-care system.  Without full-scale changes to American’s diet and nutrition, the system will continue to buckle under the stress of preventable diseases.

Much of this new debate is laced with the same vitriol that has come to define the Republican Party in the “Age of Obama.”  Neither side seems to want to budge, and absolutely no one wants to debate the primary reason America has no money for health-care, “national security.” The health-care law could easily be restructured and paid for without all of this mean-spirited rhetoric, if the United States were not over extended in the Defense budget.

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  1. I for one hope this goes through smoothly. I know many people including myself that would greatly benefit from ObamaCare. Oh and the Republicans …..they hating.

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