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Sometimes white people astonish me with the ways they find to alleviate racial tension, but, in the same token, they did come up with Tea Party.

A new website claims to inform productive world citizens about the dangerous parts of any particular town. According to GAWKER, the website name was originally but was quickly changed after word spread around the internet.

GhettoTracker’s “ghettos” aren’t identified based on mugging statistics or murder rates—or any hard data at all, really. Instead, “ghettos” are determined by the site’s users and delineated by their prejudices. It’s a new, crowd-sourced twist on stop-and-frisk: Just drop a little red dot anywhere you think upstanding folks should stop-and-avoid.

ghetto tracker

The website now goes by the euphemistic name “Good Part of Town.” Again, as stated by Nitasha Tiku, what is “good?” Are we supposed to know what is good by the lack “thugs” hanging around “sketchy” apartment building where “handouts” are given? I guess …

Now that the name has changed, as well as the white family picture (now it’s a white man protecting his happy “brown” family”), it’ll be easy for the creators of this racist geotag platform to claim its racial neutrality. And they’ll be justified because it’s extremely hard to talk about race or tell somebody he’s racist and because studies show, we all show biases towards black people, irrespective of race.

So when Bill Cosby starts tagging his former West Philly neighborhood as “bad,” let’s not jump down his throat, it’s just business as usual in these good ole’ American states.

twitter ghetto tracker

twitter ghetto tracker

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  1. it’s mainly a upper middle to slightly upper middle class white liberal white guilt thing but who in their right collective mind would make something called ghetto tracker who jesus this world is going the tubes oh and my dad said this if we allow this then we’ll allow something far worse to come into play

  2. Gosh Darn it! That’s down right racist! Gee wiz!

  3. if they have a ghetto tracker why not a suburb tracker where under class in america can track the movements of upper crust and middle class kid’s buying and ingesting drug’s from the supposed dangerous inner cities liberals don’t care about people not in the abstract they don’t they want their own little habitat so they wont have to live in fear bye

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