Nail polish removers can be hard on the nails and even tougher on sensitive cuticles. Conventional polish removers are made with acetone or alcohols that are deftly drying and irritating to the skin.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to wiping away your lacquer. Look for natural lacquer removers that get the job done, moisturize your nail beds and cuticles, and don’t leave lingering chemical smells.

Here’s our list of nail polish removers that will nourish your nails and complement your nail routine:

Acquarella – $6

Formulated to work with Acquarella’s collection of nail polishes, this water-based remover uses pharmaceutical grade Aloe Vera to remove nail polish without the toxic fumes.

INGREDIENTS: Water, tall oil fatty acids and alcohols (plant based), non-ionic surfactant, organic buffer

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