Post-workout pain is something we can all relate to. You lunged, you lifted, you sprinted, and now, all you really want is to find relief from the aches that inevitably ensue.

While your initial instinct may be to head straight for the medicine cabinet, Zeel Experts urge you to try a massage instead.

What exactly can a good rubdown do for you? Here, massage therapists from across the country describe four ways massage therapy can enhance your next workout.

Lactic acid removal

“A properly performed sports massage can speed recovery by increasing the flow of blood into and (most importantly) out of the area,” says Zeel massage therapist Daniel Cook.

“This allows the reduction of the lactic acid build-up that leads to muscle soreness and brings fresh blood into the muscles, permitting faster healing.”


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  1. I always massage my calves and heel tendons after running, it helps a lot. If I don’t do it, I won’t immediately feel it, but getting out of bed and off the stairs the day after will be hell 🙂

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