There’s no wrong way to say it. Smoothies are a gift to our bodies. If eating fruits and veggies are hard for you, then challenge yourself to drink a smoothie regularly.

Smoothies aid in flushing toxins out of our systems and increasing our energy to optimal performance — and a good one can keep you hydrated.

Each of us has a favorite, and Cooking Light has prepared some awesome ones that most likely taste as yummy as they sound. Plus, all are under 250 calories! Have a look, and try to make some on your own!

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  1. My go to smoothie lately has been banana, blueberry, avocado with coconut milk. Love it! I’ll have to try these out.

  2. I have to try the blueberry +ginger smoothie, odd combo but after looking over the ingredients, I might like it. Thanks for posting 🙂

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