Losing weight, finding peace and getting to a place of happiness is a strenuous daily struggle for many people who often have no outlet to confine too. A group of women in Virginia recently took matters into their own hands when they started a “Sister Circle.”

The group entitled Primetime Sister Circle is centered on a 12-week program that focuses on helping African American women in midlife improve on their nutrition, fitness and deal with stress. Members of the group say that the meeting, which takes place for two hours once a week provides them an outlet of emotional and spiritual support.

While this specific group caters to older African-American women, it’s a great idea for women of all ages. You want to start your own sister circle? Here’s how:

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  1. I attempted to start a sister circle two months ago, but it fell apart. This week, I’ve been thinking about reviving it. Experiencing such positive energy here lately and I would like to share it. Even if I start with 3 women, I may go with that. We do have the breast cancer walk coming up soon, so we will get together for that event. 🙂

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