If you’re like me, then you can’t wait until you can plop on the couch after a long day of work and tune in to your shows. Most of the time I’m cuddled up with a snack or two, munching away.

But lately, I’ve been focused on my evening routine.

It’s easy to forget a hard work out in the evening while my mind is wandering onto other things.

  1. Stop Eating Late — If you can avoid eating after 9pm, you’re doing your body a world of good. Our bodies need an ample amount of time to digest food properly before we head to bed.
  2. Watch Your Snacking — If you find yourself starving, and you’re headed for the pantry in search of a snack, careful to watch what you are eating! This goes without saying, but ice cream is not as healthy as fruit!
  3. Be mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth.
  4. Make sure to get a good night’s rest — Naturally we need around 8 hours of sleep for our bodies to get an optimal amount of rest. Anything less can be damaging both mentally and physically.
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  1. When a person has had an eating disorder sometimes the best thing is to just try and keep their portions small and consistent. Eating at night can cause anxiety and relapses

  2. When I am hungry after a night workout, I will eat an orange or make a smoothie. I think as long as I have something small with less calories to snack on, I am good. Once I shower, it relaxes me and I forget that I am hungry and go to sleep.

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