Food journaling is an excellent way to get started documenting your food journey. Not only does it balance the highs and lows of many of our food binges, it also holds us accountable for regulating our daily intake.

But how do you begin a food journal?

Well start by understanding the relationship between your emotions and your food. What we eat is often a guiding factor with regards to how we feel at a certain time. If we’re happy, we eat. If we’re sad, we eat. If we’re, “meh,” guess what, we eat. Creating a food journal is the first step that allows you to really see on paper what you are eating and why.

Also, don’t skimp. Write down everything associated with what you ate. Don’t merely say, “I had a turkey sandwich.” Make sure to make it clear that you had a turkey sandwich with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, etc. The more detailed your description, the better accountable you can hold yourself when you’re trying to lose those last five pounds.

Next, be honest. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s ok if you slip up a couple days. Just don’t lie to yourself. Remember that progress involves transparency. Repeat that and you’ll keep progressing every day.

Finally, listen to your body. It’s important to become more intuitive when journaling. Don’t just write down what you ate and then set your journal aside. Explain how you felt when you ate it, whether or not you were really hungry, and/or how your body feels after. The more you invest in your journaling, the more you invest in yourself.

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