July 4th is tomorrow and this is yet another holiday where most people will be firing up the grill! If you’re looking for some healthy and meat-free ideas for your barbeque, read on!

Meat-free Grilling: Nothing tastes better to me than veggies that have been roasted on the grill. From corn on the cobb to zucchini and squash to asparagus, veggies sauteed on the grill are just divine. You can make a hearty meal off of a melange of veggies alone. You also don’t have to stop at vegetables, fruit is another fantastic choice for the grill.

My favorite happens to be grilled pineapple. I ended up making this for my non-vegan family a while back and it was a hit! Top this off with some non-dairy ice cream from either of my personal favorite brands — So Delicious or Coconut Bliss — and you have a delectable dessert treat! Click here for the recipe!

VegNews also serves up the goods with the following recipes that are sure to be a hit at your table for the fourth! What barbeque is complete without a hearty bowl of Potato Salad? Especially one that takes this classic dish up another notch!

For your meat substitute, don’t let the long list of ingredients deter you from making these Vegan Ranch Burgers. I’ll be willing to bet they are sure to rival any traditional hamburger. Most veggie burgers such as this one are so hearty that even die hard meat eaters won’t complain.

Getting back to those grilled vegetables I mentioned above, this Balsamic Grilled Salad is a great way to put veggies to use. I know brussel sprouts often get a bad rap, but I’ve personally had them grilled and served this way that are truly delicious. If you’re still not a believer, skip the brussel sprouts and add in another vegetable of choice and I’m sure this salad would still render fantastic results!

If you’re looking for another dessert alternative, you can keep the grill fired up and give these Grilled S’mores with strawberries and bananas a go! You hungry yet? I’m over here salivating!

Just remember, whether you are hosting a barbeque or attending one, introducing vegan dishes should not be troublesome or intimidating. It’s always best to not make a big deal about your dietary choices (or even that the food is vegan) and just share great dishes. Presentation and taste go a very long way in convincing even the most staunch unbeliever of vegan fare. At the end of the day, however, it’s not your job to force feed anyone a plant-based diet. If you find others don’t want to be open to trying, that just means more for you! Always strive to serve up delicious dishes with a side of understanding and enjoy your holiday!

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  1. Love the variety! Simple and yummy foods for the holiday!

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  2. Everything looks yummy. I’ll be trying the s’mores

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