If you haven’t been feeling particularly attracted your spouse lately, maybe it’s time to do some self reflecting. Stress can serve as a reason your romance may be on the rocks. Unfortunately for many relationships, stress and romance often go hand in hand, and trust me; your partner will sense when you’re unhappy. Here are three ways that stress can damage your relationships, and three ways you can combat it.


Stress is serious. But if not treated properly, it can lead to an unhealthy bout of depression. Make sure to talk to someone about it. Whether it is a close confidante, family member, or spouse. Have meaningful talks where you can divulge about your day in detail, talking it out begins the process of healing.

Weight Gain

Have you begun to notice that you’ve put on a few pounds? If you’re feeling a bit more self conscious about your weight, you may find yourself feeling unattractive. This is one of worst killers of romance. If you don’t find yourself sexy, than there’s a big chance you’re not going to want to show off your body to your partner. If you’re struggling with this, get into a fitness routine, be conscious of your nutrition, and make sure to remain active. Until you lose those few pounds, fake it. Wear clothes that flatter your shape and show off your curves. More importantly love yourself no matter how much you weigh.

Violent Interactions (Sexually)

This is a HUGE no-no. If being intimate with your partner is the reason that you’re stressed out, you have a bigger problem. If you find that your partner is too rough with you or that his desires are leading to rounds of painful and almost selfish sex, it’s time to stop and talk to him. If necessary seek out a therapist, but by all means do not continue in this situation.


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