We live in a world where artificiality is praised and being natural is viewed as some sort of radical phenomenon. Why is that? Dr. Mitchell Brown told locateadoc.com that, “Cosmetic surgery is out of the closet because we recognize it’s not just for the rich and famous anymore. People have the attitude that if they can change something they don’t like about their appearance, why not go ahead? Especially when it’s safe and achievable.”

The obsession with achieving exterior perfection, by society’s standards, has caused plastic surgery to become an acceptable part of life. It’s the quick fix alternative to diet and exercise. It is also becoming more appealing because due to advances in technology, implants can last a lifetime without having to be changed. There are still multiple life threatening side effects to having breast and butt implants, but the amount of people who get plastic surgery in the United States continues to soar. 1.6 million Americans received some form of cosmetic surgery in 2011 with botox being the top alteration.

The media continues to tell us every day how we should look in order to be deemed attractive. This causes people to want to obtain this level of beauty by any means necessary. Unfortunately, this means even going to make shift doctors for surgeries due to desperation to be considered beautiful. Doctors always recommend taking the time to thoroughly research doctors before paying for a surgical procedure, but many still don’t practice this vital step.

I have seen shows where teens are given plastic surgeries as gifts for their birthdays. Am I the only one who sees a problem here? It doesn’t matter if advancements in technology have made physical enhancements safer, a teenager should not have any kind of cosmetic surgery unless it is for medical reasons. For one, their bodies and facial features are still changing and cosmetic surgery could disrupt the natural progress of puberty.

Some will argue they chose to undergo the knife because they made a personal choice that is no one’s business. This is true, and we can do whatever we want with our bodies. The issue here is that the attitude towards it has changed to the point that young people are yearning to have procedures done that they don’t need.

When it comes to changing the way you look, diet and exercise is still the safest way to do it. A youthful look can be obtained by eating the right things as opposed to getting botox every other week. Aging used to be viewed as something beautiful. Grey hair and wrinkles was badge of honor and showed that you have survived the test of time. Now, aging is something that many fear and want to beat at all costs. My how times have changed.

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  1. Some people take plastic surgery to the extreme. Famous photographer Philip Toledano took pics of some of the most extreme cases http://wp.me/p1M5XR-lB

  2. Well…..any GOOD surgeon will not touch you until you loose weight to get a mommy make-over or lipo. People have this opinion that u can walk n2 a doc’soffice sloppy fat and out of shape and get made over…..Nope….Like I said….any good surgeon will not touch you until YOU put forth some effort.

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