You’ve got to feel bad for organizations that are just trying to help but put ads out there that miss the mark; when it comes to meeting the needs of black folks through advertising, they’re damned if they don’t and damned if they do. But the advertisement below, which is part of the Louisville mayor’s Healthy Hometown initiative to encourage black women to breastfeed, is kind of terrifying. And no, it’s not because the spot has women actually breastfeeding in it. Watch:

I commend the message behind the ad and all, but why did they have to hit us with those teeth? Babies with full sets of teeth = creepy. There’s no way around it!

Everything that cute little baby is saying is on point and necessary information: babies are healthier when they are breastfed, and more women should let go of the “it’s nasty,” stigma and do what’s best for their children. But why did the message have to come out of a mouth sporting both a taste for breast milk and a pair of Steve Harvey-sized chompers that look like they’d tear Mommy’s nipples to shreds?

This baby needs to be eating steaks and potatoes and such, brushing her teeth, and flossing afterwards. Too bizarre. Thank goodness for the final shot of the baby in her original state at the end of the ad … maybe that will keep me from having nightmares.

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  1. i was wondering what was wrong with that child!!

    but she’s a cutie when they aren’t trying to change her mouth.

  2. Why is it that ads targeting folks of color have to be distorted? Simply having that adorable baby on her mother’s lap looking healthy was truly enough.

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