Now that the music industry is more receptive of female emcees again, the media has began to take notice of a few newbies. Artists like Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks have been recently seen on a myriad of blog sites and in magazines, but their so-called beef is what is mostly being written about. Beef has always been a huge part of Hip Hop culture and contributes to the Bronx born art form’s negative connotation. So it’s always nice to see positivity within the Hip Hop community. Atlanta rapper and Hip-Hop veteran Rasheeda is one artist who isn’t known for beef and controversial twitter rants. In addition to her being a successful independent artist, she is known for inspiring and motivating her fans to stay healthy and fit.

Known for rapping with her unique southern drawl and making her fans feel “bossy,” Rasheeda is now helping make her fans feel good in spirit and in health. The “My Bubble Gum” rapper’s Twitter followers can usually expect her daily morning “rise & grind” tweet, followed by a few tweets that reveal her daily jog and workout regimen. Rasheeda runs and walks five miles on a treadmill.

“Within a mile, I speed walk a half of a mile and I jog the other half. I break up each part of the mile so that I’m not just running the whole time. It makes it easier and it makes it fun,” she explained.

She also does light weights for arms and takes certain days where she focuses on a particular body part.

With over 300,000 followers, Rasheeda has recently inspired her fans to go without fried foods for 30 days via Twitter. Using the Twitter hashtag “Team No Fried Foods” her fans have joined her.

Rasheeda wanted to include her fans and followers in the fast so that they could motivate each other.

“When I thought about it I said let me see if my followers want to do it with me so we could motivate each other. I tweeted it and so many people joined in. I was so glad. After this 30-day fast I plan to do another one. I think I want to do no bread,” she said.

Loving the excitement and challenge, Rasheeda enjoys helping her followers stay on track: “It’s fun and it’s challenging. I like doing it with everybody because I hear their stories. When they feel like they’re going to make a mistake, I send them a tweet and try to motivate them.”

Prior to giving up fried foods, the rapper who also sells jewelry and apparel gave up dessert and junk food for 30 days:

“I had just came off of a fast that I did. No desserts. No candy. No sweets. No chips. No cookies. No soda. Nothing except wine and water and my normal foods. I felt so good because after the 30 days I actually did about 36 more days before I had my first dessert. So I wanted to do something else to continue to challenge myself,” she explained.

What Rasheeda is doing is a clear example of how artists and celebrities truly do have an influence on their fans. It’s great to see someone have an influence that’s not negative. This is also an example of how social networking can be used for inspiration and motivation when you don’t have a workout partner. Besides motivating her fans, it is very important for Rasheeda to workout because she believes that African Americans need to take better care of themselves.

“It’s not even just about weight. As African Americans, when we start to get older we need to take better care of ourselves and our bodies. It’s also a good look when you have children. When they constantly see their parents working out and taking care of themselves, that habit becomes instilled in them,” she said.

Rasheeda said that she feels very good about motivating her fans because she can tell that they appreciate it.

“I just want to make it fun and to help set goals. It feels good to achieve goals and to be a part of something. On top of that, it’s something that can help you lose a few pounds and stay healthy,” she said.

Could you give up your favorite foods for 30 days if your favorite artist motivated you?

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