Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Hudson all have weight loss commercials telling us about the various ways they cut the fat. Each commercial uses a different approach and we are going to break down each one to find out which one we can relate to the most.

Jennifer Hudson with Weight Watchers: Hudson comes on looking fit and trim singing, “If you want it, you got it. You’ve got to believe.” Then various regular people pop up flashing the number of how many pounds they lost since starting weight watchers.

Mariah Carey with Jenny Craig: Her new set of commercials feature the pop diva speaking with other Jenny Craig users and listening to their stories of triumph. The women discuss everything from their struggles with losing their baby weight to having life long weight struggles.

Janet Jackson with Nutri-System: These commercials are extremely simple and straight to the point. Jackson talks about how she has struggled with weight all her life and then about how easy nutri-system is. We then see flashes of the different delicious foods we get to eat while on the program.

And the winner is — Mariah Carey with Jenny Craig!!! We all know that she had the help of personal trainers and other luxuries that regular people can’t afford in addition to using Jenny Craig. On the other hand, it is the most relatable due to the stories from the women that Carey speaks with in the latest commercials. Their journeys are relatable and very touching. You may never use Jenny Craig, but the approach used in the commercials will make you feel like you can be successful with your weight loss too.

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