Herman “I think getting calls at 3.a.m. is normal even though I’m married” Cain has suspended his campaign although he was right in the thick of the race for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Realistically, no one who had a critical thought in her head believed Herman Cain campaign was a serious threat for any seat in the government. His campaign was basically funded by wealthy donors who wanted to get a much of their pro-business propaganda out into the public, and, to be honest, it has worked brilliantly so far.

“As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign,” Mr. Cain said at a rally here, surrounded by supporters chanting his name. “Because of the continued distractions, the continued hurt caused on me and my family, not because we are not fighters. Not because I’m not a fighter.”

The corporate media loved pushing out Cain content, reinforcing many negative stereotypes about black men all the while giving credence to policies that, if implemented, would hurt the majority of blacks, economically.

Seriously, it’s not that Cain embodies every black man, or that he speaks for anyone other than himself and his supporters, but his visibility and anomalous candidacy allows his beliefs, irrespective if truly believes them or not, to reinforce the racist belief that blacks are hopelessly irrational — disseminating egregious, self-hating rhetoric just to make a quick buck and satisfy a deep narcissistic urge to be rich and famous.

According to The New York Times, this latest stunt is only a break until Cain’s campaign strategiers can pull together a new strategy to make more money and espouse more abhorrent messages:

In suspending his candidacy, as opposed to saying that he was quitting the race or ending his bid, Mr. Cain maintained his ability to accept money to pay for his campaign so far and to finance the new venture that he called his Plan B: to travel the country promoting his tax and foreign policy plans.

Either way, he’s out for now, hopefully forever. Maybe Cain will join Sarah Palin and ride around in her “Constitution Bus,” musing and preaching their conservative version of “Ebony and Ivory.”

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  1. Well written, short and straight to the truth! Cain is such an embarrassment to the institution of marriage, black men, and Fathers…

    stay on it Frugivore magazine!

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