In meaty matters, the world’s current global shortage of food may have contributed to President Obama’s signing of recent legislation, lifting the ban on horse meat sales. This move is surprising to Americans because there are three animals they don’t play about, dogs, cats, and horses.

Congress quietly lifted a 5-year-old ban on funding horse meat inspections, and activists say slaughterhouses could be up and running in as little as a month.

The President signed off on the slaughter of horses as part of the Congressional spending bill on November 18. However, there will be no oversight from the government until they can find over 3 million dollars to help the government agencies regulate horse killing.

Moreover, the U.S. Department of Agriculture would have to find the money in its existing budget, which is expected to see more cuts this year as Congress and the White House aim to trim federal spending.

Pro-slaughter profiteers say that the ban has only helped fund foreign horse disposal operations, taking away a potential American business profits in the lucrative horse meat markets in Europe and Asia. Additionally, according to middle-America speculators, there are many investors ready to open their wallets to begin the slaughter of old, used-up horses.

Huffington Post cites an enthusiastic state congressional supporter, Wyoming lawmaker Sue Wells, who claims the federal ban devastated “an entire sector of animal agriculture for purely sentimental and romantic notions.”

I wonder if she advocated against Michael Vick being sent to jail for killing dogs who were bred to fight, making them unfit to sale to regular dog lovers. You know, because, he technically didn’t stop the profitable, albeit illicit, American business of dog fighting, and employed his cousins — keeping jobs in America — and did what the Humane Society would have done but more humanely.

Vick clearly didn’t have any sentiments or romantic notions for dogs, which is what the Wyoming lawmaker is looking for in an investor, right?

What’s the difference? People eat horses as much as they eat dogs, which is practically never.

But I digress.

Federal lawmakers’ lifting of the ban on funding for horse meat inspections came about in part because of the recession, which struck just as slaughtering stopped. A federal report issued in June found that local animal welfare organizations reported a spike in investigations for horse neglect and abandonment since 2007. In Colorado, for example, data showed that investigations for horse neglect and abuse increased more than 60 percent – from 975 in 2005 to almost 1,600 in 2009.

Animal rights activists think it’s rational and more humane to put the animals to sleep, saving consumers from eating stressed meat from animals who are put through the industrial slaughter processors, which have little regard for life in general.

Sound-Off: Would you eat horse meat? Do you think Mr. Ed should be spared the butchering table? Or are you on board with the President, waiting to see if horse taste like chicken?

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  1. As terrible as it sounds Im on board with the prez. I’ve always was curious to know if horse taste good. Sorry but I’m foodie

    • sorry…that’s all u can say…join the ranks of investors with blood on their hands…your lack of compassion goes way beyond how it tastes…r u kidding me???…that’s the least significant indicator of why they should be saved..if human meat tasted good, would u sign on for the slaughter?

  2. How insane is this! I can’t believe that this happened. What in the world is wrong with Congress and the President? I am an animal lover and I am outraged that Obama would sign such a bill. Well, he just lost my vote. In fact, there’s no one running worth voting for anyway. I sure hope that the animal rights organizations can do something about this, I really do. UNREAL!!! What in the world is this country coming to anyway?

  3. Yuck! Horse meat seems creepy, but when I think about it pigs and cows seem nasty too …

  4. Look – the horses they are talking about were going to be slaughtered ANYWAY. Shipped off to other countries since we don’t do meat inspection on horses for human consumption. This is NOT like slaughtering cattle – the horses being slaughtered are old or infirm – dying anyway…

    • @Daviar: Old and infirm horses being sent over seas for consumption? That’s disgusting period.

      I guess I agree, we seem to be hypocritical or just can’t seem to come to consensus when it comes to animal slaughter.

    • Not so….young unbroken horses will be high on the list. In reality, any horse can end up in a slaughter house if the owner needs a few buck. This whole idea makes me sick…what’s next, our dogs?

    • i am so against this

    • @Daviar: actually, they all aren’t old and infirm, some are young and healthy, and othersare sometimes stolen from backyards: stolen

    • The horses u speak of are not the sick or as u put it dying any ways, how do I know this cause I have a horse that was up for slaughter. I got him from an auction house and if no purchase had been made for him he was to be slaughtered, there was nothing wrong with him other than someone didnt want to care for him , he was only 4yrs old well trained and has been the best horse I could ever ask for. How I see it u have been uninformed and uneducated in this area of what types of horses go to be slaughtered. @Daviar:

  5. I can think of a few hundred thousand OBESE americans that would certainly feed the hungry, and rather than spend hundreds of thousands in healthcare to prolong their life, and have them CONSUMING soo much food… let’s allow human meat for consumption while we are at it!

  6. How pathetic……the white house has sunk to a new low….do you suppose it will be a matter of days until the president, first lady, and children all sit down at the lovely white house dinner table to feast on HORSE….no, but as you can see, it is indicative of what they are willing to feed others less fortunate. Just disgusting!

  7. In the words of Ms. Phaedra from RHOA “Everybody knows even France who once saw horse meat as a delicacy priced over steak have suggested to stop the sale of it in restaurants due to health concerns. It is common for breeders to provide medications and topical treatments that are never to be used on animals intended for food. Never-less there will be hundreds if not thousands of Americans lining up to fry, grill, saute, & broil Mr. Ed then wonder why they will die an early death from a rare disease. I am starting to think someone is trying to kill all of us off to create a New World Order.

  8. Obama’s Change strikes again. Read on about this change.

    Where do I begin. First of all this practice is simply inhumane. The argument that most of these companies use is that the horses are mistreated or unable to be cared for. Actually USDA stats show that over 92% of the Horses Brutally chopped up are healthy animals. Here’s another “Fact” and please try to put your family pet or yourself in this situation before the horse even gets to the slaughter house.
    Horses are dragged, beat, whipped an crammed into trucks most of the time without food or water. Argument there is that they are going to die anyway. When they arrive at House of Horros
    The horses are stabbed with a puntilla knife that severs the spinal cord….having fun yet? Oh, there’s more…This method leaves the horse unable to breath and twitching on the ground. perhaps they are standing there and shot in the forehead.
    Horses are hoisted, bled out and sliced up and dismembered many times while STILL ALIVE!
    I could go on and on but I hope this conveys the brutality not to mention the idiots who sell the horses the horses to scum KILL BUYERS.
    The selling of horses to any slaughterhouse whether it’s here in the US, Mexico or Canada must stop. Think about it. Do something!

  9. @Eddie ditto ditto ditto Don’t these Kentucky Derby people with all their funds have anyone lobbying against this? Capitalism isn’t Freedom anymore. No one is safe . Whats next…..? I don’t want to eat my puppy….

    • @LegalGrindWifey: Interesting point. If you remember Ferdinand the 1986 Kentucky Horse Winner….He eventually was sent to a slaughter house where his meat was sold to Japanese who turned around and sold it under this name…..From Winner to Dinner. This upset so many people this is what eventually led to ban on slaughter houses in the US that has not been overturned. The horses that would have been killed here were sent to Mexico and Canada. They endure hundreds and hundreds of miles in a cramped truck in 100+ heat. The misery we allow these animals to go through tells alot about the Human species.

  10. If you want to do something here’s a link that will enable you to contact your representatives.

  11. Forgot to mention that U.S. Capital switchboard @202-224-3121. Call and express your opinion. I also contacted the White House.

  12. I would not ever eat a horse. However, to the best of my knowledge, this was a bipartisan bill that was passed and cannot be blames solely on president Obama. Lot of people are starving in this world, it is partly due to the recession that were in because of President Bush. People eat deer, elk, moose, bear, rabbits, and many other animals. I would not even consider eating a horse, but if you dont want to see horses slaughtered, than contact the republicans in congress and the democrats, not just Obama!

  13. Chris Hinkleman

    Horses sound delicious! Will they be doing a “veal” version? Preferably fetal!

  14. Everyone that agrees with slaughtering horses should also agree with abortion. The principle is the same, getting rid of something you can’t afford to or no longer wish to take care of. There are many homeless (unwanted) people, why not utilize their meat? Better to “humanely” slaughter them than allow their suffering on the streets.

    I’ve had horses my whole life and I can’t imagine eating one of them. I spend hours grooming and clipping them, exercising and training them for showing and riding. Horses are intelligent, loving creatures, which is more than I can say for people.

  15. For those ignorant people out thee, like most of you, horse has been a food source in American life longer than you would like to think. When horse was first found here by the native “Americans” they where used for both transportation and nutritional values.
    And when you really think about it, it’s about the same as eating cow. A once vital part of transporting cargo through land, now the most consumed animal product on the planet. I’m sure when people first started eating cow everyone thought it was inhuman but now it’s nature. So who are we to say that the consumption of horse is wrong, and till you try it I really don’t think anyone can really say anything bad about it. After all Amish eat horse all the time and they seam to like it just fine.

    • @TRW: Well, in most places in America, we consider horses pets. Would you eat your dog? After it has been cruelly tortured and slaughtered by sadistic people? It’s cruel and inhumane to eat a pet you feel close to.

      • @Maggie: I don’t own a dog so I can’t answer that, and how do you know if they are being cruelly tortured, or for the fact that the people who are slaughtered by sadistic people.

    • @TRW: yea especially since most horses these days are dewormed with medications that are strictly labeled as “not intended for use in animals for food” you are so smart!

  16. I always liked Obama, but Jesus Christ! Eating horses?! God, I now hate him…

  17. Oh my God! I don’t know what to say. It’s bad enough we mercilessly slaughter cows, chickens, etc. But horses! Humans are the greediest species ever. Smh.

    • @B: @Tessara: You’re right.It really is all about greed.Too many breeders,breeding too many horses,then when the horse isn’t ‘useful’ to them anymore they send them to slaughter.The whole mass consumption attitude has to go.

  18. Next it will be dogs and humans……

  19. Are You people insane on here. What makes a horse so divine that it’s not eligible for slaughter. Why arent you equally as compassionate for chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, goats, lamb. They have been inhumanely treated for years in this country and you consume them like nobody’s business. Just because an animal is fuzzy and cute doesn’t make him less desirable or more worthy of life. Many cultures eat horse meat, dogs and cats. Food is food for some. Other cultures frown on cow consumption Unless you are vegan and fundamentally against animal consumption of any form, Don’t get all emotional and empathetic about a horse because every animal deserves the opportunity to live. So instead of hating Obama which is completely ridiculous hate the FDA and all obamas predecessors for approving the slaughter of any farmed animal. Horses are no different. Why can they be spared and the others killed???????? Really???

  20. This might sound to some as gloom and doom, but a socio economic collapse is quickly looming. Does anyone have a remote idea as to how long an average family has in food stores inside their home? Hmmm? Try 72 hours….that’s 3 days folks. Then what? When the local market is closed with empty shelves because they couldn’t pay their supplier or their supplier went bankrupt, because the dollar became less valuable than toilet paper? Hmmmmm? After 3 days, the food goes, and the brigands will first go out looting TV sets and smart phones, LOL. When these morons realize they cannot eat them and there is no more power grid to turn them on? Well… domestic animals will be the first to go. Bye bye Fido and Fefe…. bye bye Mr. Ed and then what? When all is gone? Hmmm? 18 days folks, that’s all this country has in it’s silos as we burn corn for fuel!!! We pay farmers not to grow food… the weather patterns have changed shortening the fragile growing season for our wheat, corn and grains!!! Sounds too far fetched? Turn off you daggone boob tube and wake the heck up. Food shortages aren’t around the corner, they are already here!!!

    • @Rubio4u: I don’t watch TV. I don’t have any food shortages. But I have to ask you, who to you blame what you are describing on? The president flying around in his expensive jet all over the world at our expense? the whole “oil” thing?.

      But then there are people in Florida stealing horses (that are wanted and taken care of!) for the “black market” of horse meat. So please. Everything is done for money, it is disgusting. Now that it’s legalized, it’s perfectly ok now to go steal your neighbor’s horse to make a buck for horse meat! Awesome!

  21. If you can eat one animal – you can eat a next. It’s not up to the politicians – it’s up to human beings to stop slaughtering and consuming animals. There is absolutely no need – we are supposed to have ‘evolved’.

  22. It’s about time, most people live watching the tube and base their opinions on their Disney channel weanings and leanings. Travel and see the waste, all over this country horse lovers are abandoning their horses because they can’t keep afford the feed, loss of jobs stupid. Get real one day YOU may feel the hunger . Any animal that eats grass will be just fine to eat and it’s hide might just make you a fine pair of heels. Feeling generous, empty your wallet and support the horse maybe in your condo until it’s time is up and then send it to a fashionable pet cemetery .

  23. Isn’t it true that they use to make glue from horses? Is that still done?

  24. @Eddie Edwards: @Peezy: Most of you haven’t a clue what you are eating!!!! Go to a sale barn and watch what is DRAGGED in into YOUR food chain. Down cattle, hogs and sheep, sick and old pulled by chains and sold. Now we add horses to the mix!!! We have witnessed the sale of horses at Sugarcreek, Ohio and Shipshewanna, Indiana sold to the “killers” that load the horses into trucks, ship to Canada and Mexico, slaughtered, shipped to Europe and Asia for human consumption. It’s all about the money!!! I forgot, this will be MORE jobs created by BO!!!

  25. Right now, the American people are being tested in every facet they pretend to value.
    Respecting life, liberty, and justice. All of these have been thrown at you in the last two months.

  26. Obama is a dishonest president to the core.I didn’t vote for him because he had a sound byte CHANGE instead of detail of what he was going to do.He also took a law and reversed it,so what else will he be doing?Think about it,he is wishy washy,caters to the far left socialists.He’s walking all over the Constitution.I’m actually not surprized since he is untrustworthy and hides behind a condesending grin.

    We have to make it clear to the horse racing industry to breed fewer horses,infact all breeders need to take a lesson in responsible breeding,not breed for profit but for the love of the animal.We have to demand the race horse industry take good care of their retired horses,regardless of wether the horse is for breeding or not.

    This is a terrible option for any owner.It will cause more slaughter since so many people can’t afford to keep a horse anymore,thanks to Obama and his horrible spending and printing money out of thin air.He is causing hyper inflation.

    This president is very deceptive.I don’t trust him with anything.

  27. I think you lot are sick, why kill horses to eat. Sick!

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