For those of you who struggle or have struggled with weight, what have been some of the factors that have found you packing on extra pounds? Are you an emotional eater who can’t control her appetite during times of stress or sadness? Do you take medication that causes you to plump up? Are you trapped in a sedentary routine that makes it difficult to get exercise in your schedule the way you need to? Too much partying? Not enough rest. Share your weighty woes with us.

I Just Don’t Feel Like It: 5 Ways to get Your Exercise In

Finding time to exercise is often just as exhaustive and difficult as actually performing a workout. Between work, school and socializing, making room for fitness may seem like a Hurculean task. But by hook or by crook, you gotta get it done! Here are five ways to sneak excercise in your routine.

1) Go The Extra Mile (Or Block): Stop taking the bus to the train stop three blocks away! Go to the Starbucks that’s a little bit further away from your office. Walk home on a sunny day instead of hopping in the car with your cubicle mate!

2)Take A Fitness Break: Use your coffee time to go do jumping jacks in a stairwell or to walk around the building. Do crunches under your desk (if it’s safe and clean)! Bust out a few sit-ups during halftime or a commercial break on your fave show.

3) Window Shop (For Your Health): Take a long walk through a shopping district or mall. Not only will you get to check out some fashion, you’ll burn a few calories in the meantime!

4) Just Dance: Put on your fave tunes and bust a move in your living room!

5) Try A Class: Groupon, Living Social and other companies offer great discounts on belly dance, yoga, Zumba and even pole dancing lessons. Find something fun and build a social event around it with your girls. You just may discover your latest fitness obsession!

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  1. Now that I was on the Depo Provera in my life for the 2nd time I do truly believe it causes unwanted weight gain in women. In 2005 I gained 10 pound or so in a year while on it and just now since July of last year I also gained about 10 more pounds. So I am sure although not the only reason definitely the primary reason. My and hubby are currently doing one of the Biggest Loser DVDs which is 10 minutes a day rotating between cardio, upper body, abs, legs etc. 10 minutes a day is def doable for anyone needing to get active.

    • @LegalGrindWifey: Depo definitely did it for me. I gained about 25 pounds while on it and about 10 pounds a year after getting off, with no major changes in my diet or activity level. It completely threw my metabolism out of wack.

  2. My weight always did the same, up in winter down in summer. I was always more active during the warmer months. But when I was forced to move out and start paying my way for everything, I lost weight and kept it off the whole time. My boyfriend calls it the poverty diet. Eventually, I moved back in with my mother and instantly blew up. I was no longer walking everywhere and I could afford to eat anything. So, overall I gained the weight back because I went back to laying around and went back ti sit down jobs.

  3. I was a perfect size 8 (plump in all the right places). then i had a partial hysterectomy in 2009, and my body has not been the same since. i REALLY have to work hard to keep weight off now! for six years prior to the hysterectomy, my martial arts training kept me in great shape… now i also take Zumba classes to maintain my weight. im not sure if turning 41yrs has a role in my weight gain as well. that’s right… blame it on a slower metabolism, NOT! The fact remains, i have to do 3x’s the work to maintain my weight now. Yikes! 25 lbs heavier & holding…

  4. My weight gain is a result of Depo Provera and less activity as I got older.
    I started the DepoProvera weighing about 95 pounds and in 2 or 3 years got up to about 130/135 with no major changes in my diet or lifestyle. After I got off, I continued to gain about 10-15 a year. At this time I was done with school and not partying as much or hiking across campus so I was less active but my eating habits didn’t change.

    Now my metabolism is a mess and my problem is not enough activity and not eating enough. I don’t eat till around noon on most days and that is my main meal. I need to get on an eating schedule and get in a few workouts a week so I can retrain my metabolism and start losing.

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