Everyday, McDonald’s receives complaints detailing the impact of its unhealthy menu. Food and health activists have cried over and over again to shut the company down in addition to supporting frivolous lawsuits that would’ve never existed if Americans exercised self-control.

It is no secret that regularly eating hamburgers and French fries will desecrate your body. When I hear adults or worse, parents, complain about McDonald’s impact on childhood obesity, my response is poo poo.

Recently, McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner found himself in a tight space when Corporate Accountability International paid for an advertising campaign that stated, once again, that McDonald’s is contributing to childhood obesity and calling for the retirement of the Ronald McDonald clown.

Why not invest that money in “hydrating” the food deserts that plague low-income communities? When McDonald’s is one of few eating establishments, no wonder children (and parents) conveniently purchase their products.

Or what about holding parents accountable for letting their children’s diets go array? Before most children can devour a Happy Meal, a parent has to purchase it, so why are we blaming McDonald’s?

Skinner replied to the criticism, stating:

“We believe in the democratic process and our government officials believe in the democratic process…This is about choice, this is about personal, individual right to choose in the society we live in. That’s where we play, that’s where you play, and we have every right to do so.”

He’s right. McDonald’s has the right to produce disgusting food and we have the right to reject it. It would be more effective for Corporate Accountability International to invest in teaching Americans self-control.

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  1. I think that is what commercialism is all about. We decide if we want to indulge in the products they are marketing. McDonald’s can’t take the blame for this one. Now if we charge them with making disgusting food with nasty food coloring; sure. The parents have to be held accountable even if McDonald’s has strong marketing tactics that entice children. Parents have to be able to say NO!

  2. McDonald’s appeals to greedy people. The food is cheaper than it should be. Compared to other “quality” producers of hamburger’s, etc., i.e.,those with better grades of meat without preservatives and antibiotic thrown in, their products are much cheaper to buy item for item. They sort f have almost a monopoly on cheaper fast food. There s also an assumption made by many adults that their food is fresher because it moves out of their restaurants in higher volumes, i.e., it does not have time to spoil. I actually had this assumption until one day found I had bitten into a sandwich with a moldy bun.

    Try to tell me to eat McDoneld’s ever again!

  3. McDonald’s is the only fast food company that exploits to children more than Burger King or Wendy’s. Think of the other restaurants that show their commercials constantly. I really cannot understand why people are expecting Mickey D’s to change up on their portions when they should practice responsibility with their health. The world is not going to change for you. Not everybody is going to give some accommodations. I haven’t ate at McDonald’s or other popular places ever since I started losing weight. Just the point of the whole meal looking beige and brown, instead of colorful fruits and vegetables, stops me from entering the Golden Arches. Why should people be completely mad at them? When it comes at a cheaper price, plus feedback from the customers makes McDonald’s more easier to be the lead culprit of childhood obesity.

  4. @AmariahSTyler

    McDonald’s is not the culprit of childhood obesity…lazy parents are. Just as easy as it is to drive into one of those fast food restaurants buying that chemically processed food, you can drive to the store and buy healthy food that is not only nutritious, but filling. Kids learn their eating habits from their parents or guardians. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Kids don’t come into this world eating burgers and fries. These parents need to stop blaming McDonald’s and every other fast food place and learn to take responsibility for their own lack of good parenting and example-setting in their children’s lives.

    Ever watched one of those heart-breaking Maury episodes with the obese children (rolling around onstage in their diapers)? 9/10 if you look at the parent, they are obese themselves. The parents complain that they can’t control their child’s eating habits because they themselves are out of control. How can you help someone else, child or no child, if you can’t be strong enough to help yourself?

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