Lisa Leslie

Three-time WNBA MVP and four-time Olympic gold medalist, her professional accomplishments continue to inspire numerous female athletes across the country. Not only does she work her tall stature and chiseled arms, but also she does it gracefully like no other, proving that tall + muscular + athletic is sexy.

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  1. My inspiration, Angela Bassett, especially in “What’s Love”… Her arms were simply breath-taking!

  2. Gabrielle Union and Buffy the Body are my inspirations. They have great bodies but still maintain a femine physique

  3. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it.

    I have naturally broad shoulders and lean limbs so I’ve always shunned upper body workouts because I didn’t want to look too sculpted. But a very smart friend of mine convinced me that that was a ridiculous point of view and now I’m all about working my upper body because I want it to look strong.

    Strong is hawt.

  4. Definitely a good look! I love the photos chosen as well as the post. Great job Arielle!

  5. I love a woman with arms that don’t have that triceps fat! Sorry ladies, just my opinion…

  6. I have naturally sculpted arms that I do nothing with. I’ve been asked if I worked out by random people. I hate posting pictures of myself with tank tops on. I recently posted a picture of myself holding a surfboard in Costa Rica, and everyone commented on how big and sculpted my arms are. It’s nice to see other black women with sculpted arms, but it’s hard to accept your own.

  7. Just found your site through clutch and I dig it. I’ve been lifting for a little over a year, the arms, shoulders, and back are sculpted, finally starting to get some definition in the thighs. My inspiration is Rutina Wesley from ‘True Blood’, there’s a pic from a spread she did in King that slays.

  8. Michelle Obama! I relate to her easier than hoping to look like the others who I Know have daily personal trainers.

  9. A lot of us guys find women with toned/muscular arms and legs VERY sexy.

  10. I like Women with bigger than average ARMS and CHESTS that are Solidly Toned or Muscular.It just comes naturally and I guess thats because of my Hormones.

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