Recently, I read that Michelle Obama listens to Pete Rock and CL Smooth on her workout mix. Get it, Michelle! Our First Lady has an incredible body and remains adamant about getting America in shape.

I want to look like her in my forties, don’t you?

While I’m not a fan of Pete Rock or CL Smooth, my workout playlist does include the likes of Nicki Minaj (Roman’s Revenge is like a shot of adrenaline) and Beyonce (I hope you’ve seen her Move Your Body video for Michelle’s Let’s Move Campaign). I also throw a bit of Dancehall in there for good measure. After all, Elephant Man calls himself the energy god!

If you see someone running outdoors, hitting the gym, or even doing yoga, it is likely that they have headphones in their ears or music is blasting on a stereo.

What are your favorite workout songs?  Share and we’ll post a Frugivore playlist!


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  1. Luke and Afro Beat helps me power through a workout, especially Femi Kuti’s “Do Your Best.”

  2. Weight Lifting

    1 Big-Boi – The Train
    2 Bun B – It’s Been A PLeasure
    3 Currency – Address
    4 Dead Prez – Fear Not Revolution
    5 Drake – Unforgettable
    6 Ghostface Killah – Purified Thoughts
    7 Goodie Mob – Goodie Bag
    8 Jay Electronica – Exhibit A
    9 N.E.R.D. – Inside the Clouds
    10 The Roots – The Day
    11 The Roots – Right On
    12 U.S.D.A. – What It Is
    12 Young Jeezy – Bottom of the Map
    13 Wiz Khalifa – The Race


    Any Blue Six Album

  3. These are the 3 songs that are on my play list that I listen 2 when I work-out:
    Ce-Ce Peniston Finally
    Michael Jackson PYT
    Janet Jackson Control

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