Americans are addicted to cheap Chinese material goods, so there should be no surprise that the USDA greenlit the sale of Chinese processed American chicken.

Yep, you heard that right, American legislators announced that they’ll allow the poultry grow to produce chickens in America (nothing new) and send them to China for processing (slightly new), and then bring the chicken mush back to America to fill your local grocery stores and favorite fast-food joint (very new).

Not only does this seemingly malfeasant deal further ingrain Americans as worst purveyors and accelerators of climate change but this deal, according to SALON, will undoubtedly worsen the already abhorrent poultry industry:

This change in the chicken market will almost certainly exacerbate that market’s problems, not solve them.  Meat is already the No. 1 contributor to climate change.  Don’t expect shipping slaughtered chickens seven thousand miles to China and then bringing them back as processed food to lower that carbon footprint.  And of course, the Chinese poultry industry has its own dirty laundry, including a current bird flu outbreak, believed to have “evolved from migratory birds via waterfowl to poultry and into people,” and already responsible for forty-four deaths; the sale of forty-six year old chicken feet; and exportingtainted dog treats, sickening nearly a thousand American pets.

Wonderful … and by the way, black folks consume the largest percentage of chicken in the U.S., and also eat the most processed food. There is no surprise that black folks lead the country in obesity, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes — all resulting from prolonged exposure to toxic food and water, along with effects of racism stress.

Considering the lack of oversight from regulators in the domestic market, which produces ninety-nine percent of chickens for consumption, it’d be time for black folks, and organizations that purport to speak on behalf of them, to demand corporations to place labels on processed meats.

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  1. I can’t believe what i just read! Alarming!

    • it get’s worse as you delve into the subject and do more intensive research on meat as a whole not just chicken but beef pork and lamb and even turkey and sea food farming you’d be shocked and horrified

  2. no stupidity is killing people the need to be the first to say this is killing humanity stupidity and arrogance

  3. ” I smell a Commy rat in them there chickens”

  4. Thanks for exposing this disturbing news! I have friends and family members who are literally addicted to chicken. You’d have to fight them to get that chicken wing out of their hands! But I am very concerned because I see what heavy meat consumption–and especially unregulated meat production–is doing to the health of our people. So sad! That’s another reason why I am vegan.

    • well my friend nothing will repulse them more than knowing that mechanically separated chicken part’s are just that and coming to a super market near you china’s very own franken bird’s pick them up and take them home folks you can’t beat this deal and up next the impending apocalypse let me know how that worked out for y’a don’t be shy y u no reply bye

  5. Noo~ China is too famous of dirty and terrible food production. OMG! Then we will eat the chicken that have laid in the floor, been stepped, soaked in chemistry… well, what we gonna eat.

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