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After basically presenting Master Chef finalist Josh Marks as crazy, out-of-control black savage, TMZ posted a video that Marks recorded in February of 2013, explaining how he manages his bipolar disorder.

Marks was arrested for allegedly attacking a campus police officer and then telling the arresting officers that he was God.

The video was filmed for the “Make a Sound Project” — an organization dedicated to helping people struggling with suicidal thoughts — in which he talks about his mental illness.

“Me personally, I have bipolar disorder,” Marks said … “I get a little anxious sometimes, and you know how I cool out is I listen to music … and just listen to the words and just relax, you know, find my melody.”

Apparently, on the night of his recent arrest, it speculated that Marks was in a manic state common to folks suffering from bipolar disorder.

In a very uninhibited piece for Clutch, editor Danielle Belton described how hard it was to come to grips with her mental illness and what it took for her to heal:

I think this lulled myself and my parents all into a false sense that I had great coping abilities or would just “out-grow” these issues. When, in reality, I didn’t have good coping skills and they just all turned into something else … I think the only reason why I survived it was because so many people were completely invested in keeping me alive, even if I was only half-assed interested in living.

Clearly, in TMZ’s reporting on this case, it was not interested in the well-being of this “Gentle Giant.” TMZ created a pathological criminal with a headline like: ARRESTED ‘MASTERCHEF’ FINALIST HISTORY OF ODD, CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. But it’s not surprising for TMZ to feed a machine that craves stories of black criminality.

Marks has been charged with aggravated battery on a peace officer and attempting to disarm a peace officer stemming from the incident. If convicted, he faces a max of 14 years in prison.

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  1. Not a joke if you can take your meds and/or talk it out I know how he feels.

  2. i can’t stand t.m.z they are just about the worst sight on the internet ugh rolls eye’s and does a triple face palm freaking un educated morn’s

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