Even the most dapper gentleman doesn’t want to compromise their style in order to be a little more friendly to the earth and its animals. Ladies get most of the love when it comes to eco-fashion … especially in the shoe department (sorry fellas). But there are options out there that may suit your taste at a price you can afford to experiment with.

Whether you’re scouring for a new look or planning to step out in sustainable style, you can find a shoe that meets the needs of your highly-social and highly-conscious lifestyle.

Randy Brown Vegan Loafers: $52

Loafers are a staple in every man’s wardrobe and can be worn straight from the boardroom to date night. Wrap your feet into these Italian-style loafers that don’t compromise on style or sophistication.

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  1. Could be the next wave in footwear. Where can I buy stock in this company?

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