It’s a question that seemed a bit unnerving at first, but one I’ve always been proud to answer assertively. My insides scream, “Of course I am!” but often my actions dictate differently. I’m stand among many men and women who may claim they like to flaunt their goods, but are really too shy!

Here are one to three tips on how to feel sexy naked:

  1. Walk around In the Buff – Naked. Nude. Birthday Suit. Get comfortable with being in your own skin. Look at yourself in the mirror, ignore any flaws that you think you have and embrace what you love about yourself. Just enjoy being free.
  2. Work out – I’m not saying you have to be a total gym groupie, but working out will increase your self-esteem, which is certainly woven into your perception of how you look. Once your body begins to change, you will naturally become more comfortable in your skin.
  3. Fake it Until You Are Comfortable– This is a tip learned from Rihanna’s interview with Oprah on OWN. After the singer was named the sexiest woman alive by Esquire Magazine Oprah asked, “How did you become so comfortable with your sexuality?” A demure Rihanna admitted that she had never really been all the comfortable, saying, “I have to pretend and fake it.”

How comfortable are you naked?

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  1. if i looked like the girl in the picture or like taraji.. i’d love being naked!

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