The latest celebrity that has “allegedly” joined the vegan ranks is R&B sensation Usher. Now, the reason I use the word allegedly is because I have seen countless articles on him making the veg switch, but none of the ones I’ve read actually have a confirmed quote from him confirming this new lifestyle choice. I personally find this a bit unsettling.

Now I know articles are printed all of the time about people with no direct input from whom they are talking about these days. The reason I take issue is because all the excitement about him supposedly choosing to go vegan seems to come from him being a wide known celebrity more than his reasons for choosing a plant-based diet.

The most famous headline I read countless times were people (mainly other vegans) hoping his influence would rub off on his friend and protégée Justin Bieber. Just think if Justin Bieber goes vegan, then teenagers all over the world will become vegan too and then the entire planet will follow! I’m sure we all know this is not going to happen.

Now trust me, I understand the power of influence celebrities have these days is overwhelming and people would like to think that seeing Justin and Usher talking over veggie burgers at Soul Vegetarian would make many reconsider their plate. In my opinion, however, it makes vegans appear overzealous and cult-like in their approach to appealing to the masses. It seems that each time another celebrity decides to become vegan, it comes off like “hey- we got another one folks”!

I am a vegan and I firmly believe in the benefits of this lifestyle for health and the environment, but the reason to become one should not be based on the latest celebrity choice in my opinion. I feel that one should enter into plant-based living very thoughtfully and prepared in order to succeed and reap the vast benefits that it brings. I do find it’s great to have healthy examples of people switching to plant-based living, but I think the focus needs to remain on “why” rather than “who.”

Finally, if it is in fact true that Usher has decided to become vegan, can we give him time to adjust himself before becoming the food police for his other celebrity friends? I’m just sayin’! So, what are your thoughts? Does Usher or any celebrity becoming vegan have any influence over you? Do you think vegans go too far in trying to tout the vegan message? Is this just another case of America’s obsession with celebrity and their influence over the masses? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I have not eaten meat products in 35 years, my reason I felt impurities were in the meat, shell fish,any type of seafood where going in my body, I just couldn’t eat it a
    nymore, I no longer have allergies, no health issues I am 61 years old.

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