Walking is a great form of cardio that gets the heart pumping and blood circulating. It’s also a great tool that can offer each person, from beginner to fitness expert, a productive work out that can tone up trouble areas.

If you think walking isn’t enough, check out one of the legendary walking gurus, Leslie Sansone.

Sansone has created the Walk at Home program. Her philosophy, “Our bodies were made to move and we can walk our way to fitness,” has made her the poster child of movement for over 25 years. As a mother of three, it’s important for her to be healthy and in shape for not only herself but her family.

She has made a career in teaching fitness, health, and lifestyle through a series of classes, dvds, and health programs.

Check out some of her DVDS below:

1. Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection (2009)
2. Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off & Tone It Up (2011)
3. Leslie Sansone: Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan
4. Leslie Sansone: 5 Really Big Miles

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