We hear it time and time again, women not wanting to workout for fear that they’ll mess up their new Indian Remy ‘do. Does it make sense to forego your health for your hair? Probably not, but I can’t blame the women that do from time to time, sew-ins and extensions can range from $200 and up and when you’re blowing that kind of cash you definitely want to get your money’s worth. However, with obesity, heart disease, diabetes and more rising to epidemic proportions it’s time for weave wearing wonders to figure out how to overcome their fears so that their body and health is as well maintained as their hair. Here are three ways to hit the gym to lose the weight … and keep your hair.

Pony Up!

All the sweat from running those miles on the treadmill can wreck havoc on your hair. Keep your hair off your neck and face by pulling it back into a sleek ponytail. Not only will you avoid tangles , but this will discourage your hair from curling up at the roots. It’s easier to smooth out the crinkle from the ponytail holder than it is to smooth out your entire hair at the roots.


Keep your edges lying smooth by covering them with a cotton or silk headband. This will keep them from sweating out and curling up, and it will also keep you from doing damage to your hair later with the flat iron.

Pin It

If you’re wearing a curly weave a quick way to protect your hair is with a simple pin curl. Embrace your inner little girl and pin up your curly locks, this way they stay out of sweats way and when you’re done working out all you have to do is uncurl and go!

How do you protect your hair while working out?

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