There are quite a few sexual acts and creative measures that you and your partner can do in bed. But one male hot spot that often slips under the radar, is one of that is a sure fire way of getting your man off — an internal prostate massage.

I know what you’re thinking.

But upon some research, I’ve found that it’s one of the most sexually healthy and stimulating techniques that a man can receive. Also known as milking, it’s known to drive a man crazy while helping him fight disorders of the prostate.

Here’s the proper way to do it, according to an article over at the Tampa Bay Daily Loaf:

“Your fingers will need to be able to reach at least one inch into your partner’s anus in order to reach the prostate. The best position for us is with my husband on his back, legs spread. If you don’t wear gloves make sure that your nails are short, clean and have no snags. Also, have plenty of lube on standby.”

Start by massaging his testicles, penis, perineum and the rest of the area around his anus with the warming oil. Then separate his cheeks and massage with the warming oil from his anus to his testicles, always pressing a little harder. Keep massaging the entrance to his anus until you can gently insert your finger about 1 ½ inches. Gently move your finger until you feel the prostate, which is about the size of a walnut. Push your finger up towards the base of the penis.

You’ll know when you find his prostate because he’ll MOAN! Slowly move your finger in and out, but don’t put your finger in all the way. Continue to move your finger all over the prostate. Make sure that you are holding the penis by the base and pulling upward. When you pull your finger out, make sure that you add lots of lubricant before re-inserting it. I usually tease him for a while before I let him ejaculate.”

Well then.

Now we know why they call it milking.

Would you practice this technique on your partner?

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  1. Uh … I guess. Most men are so insecure about about their manhood, I’m not sure this would fly in the bedroom. And if a man can’t take his ass to the doctor and get his prostate checked, he damn sure ain’t going to let his woman dive right in. It ain’t happening.

  2. Yeah why not? If my man wants to have an orgasm that resembles the intensity of mine, yeah why not

  3. Yes if he was open to it.

  4. Hot damn! I can always depend on this site to ask off the wall ish. Let me find out we got some freaks writing these posts. I know I have tried to put my finger up a man’s butt without asking and damn near found my face in my ass but I also had the opposite experience when I asked and explained that it might be more pleasurable when I performed fellatio. It’s all about how you propose it for this ain’t nothing new. I’m almost 40 and my 75 year old momma schooled me on this back in the early nineties.

  5. I would gladly happily do this.

  6. i enjoy this with my husband. we are very open with each other sexually…and he enjoys it immensely. the only thing is, you have to be very careful or you’ll run the risk of having him ejaculate TOO quickly!

    • I also love to massage my husbands prostate, but the only time I do it is wheni am on my period and cramping real bad. I will have him lay on his back on the bed and I will put a towel under his rear end. then using a large tube of k.y. jelly and some rubber gloves will insert a lubricated finger up in his anus until I find the prostate. I will usually start massaging it in a circular motion in about 8 or 10 minutes I can tell that he is getting ready to cum and this is when I really bear down on it causing him to climax. while he usually is begging me to stop I will keep on milking his prostate until it is completely empty and there is nothing left to come out of him. this procedure will keep him from wanting anymore sex till my period ends.

      • carol I do the same thing that you do to your husband when I am on my period cramping, and all he wants is sex. what I have done several times is when I am on my period is to pull out my tampon and put my diaphragm in me so I wont be bleeding so much and we go on and have sex and when he has climaxed I put on my latex gloves and with a lot of k-y jelly start massaging his prostate. after a short time he will start to climax again and I really press down hard on his prostate causing it to completely empty itself and there is no ejaculate left to come out of him and believe me he doesn’t want sex for 3 or 4 more days

  7. My man LOVES when I do this to him. When he see me pulling out the oil he already knows that the night is about to be all about him!

  8. I would love to try this on my husband. However, I dont think he would let me. He may think that I would question his manhood. Will someone help me with a way to ask him???? I feel like he’s curious about this but shameful at the same time.

  9. This will be one of the most intimate experiences you can have with a man if he’s open to it. This isn’t something that you should to to every partner you have. For mine, I used to deep throat him all the time without grabbing his ass. Over a period of time, I’d inch my clean/short nails around his anus until one day he brought up anal play. Since then, I did some research and found out how to do the easy prostate message. We have been together for almost five years, and we trust one another. He’s had more sexual experience but I’m the only one he had trusted to allow me to be in control. It’s been a great outcome, since I get to hear him moan and say “oh fuck” because he’s either a heavy breather or talks dirty to me to make sure that I orgasm. Before we start, he will tell me to wait for him as he cleans up. We’ve used lube before, but I generally tends to get sticky and he really enjoys getting the back of his nuts licked. I will usually suck and drench my thumb in saliva and pad around the corners of his anus. Then, he will ask for more fingers (I have small ones…I’m a lady…lol). It’s really nice and smooth in there, and it’s really neat to feel around in there for the first time. Just do a “come here ” move toward the location of his balls and he’ll start to moan. Don’t take it out unless you want to take a lube/spit break because you don’t want to risk scratching or hurting him. Sure, there is the glove option, but if this is your long term/forever man then feeling one another shouldn’t be anything new. When I add a finger in him, I always make sure there’s enough lubishness to help him enjoy himself.

    Things to know about us:
    *We are married
    *We are both straight
    *He used to be worried about being homophobic until after I started playing with his ass. He used to try it out on me, and I told him that it feels good to me but my G-spot isn’t located in my ass like his is…doing some research goes a long way.
    *I used to think this was really gross (I’m a germaphobe) and do it with my bare hands. He cleans himself good enough, but there’s always the expected. I like to use my non-dominant hand so I don’t have to smell my hand/look at it while he wants to have sex with me. He likes to cuddle for a long time afterwards, so it’s pretty handy to know how to trick self from thinking “OMG!!! MY HAND SMELLS LIKE SOMEONE ELSE’S SHIT!!!”…relax…it’s “mud” and it’s not going to hurt you. Have some really good soap and a nailbrush, and it’ll be like nothing happened.
    *It feels like we have a tighter “bond” after all of this…so…again…make sure this isn’t a one night stand.

    • I very much enjoyed reading your comment on this subject 🙂 thank you for all your wonderful tips !! I love to do this for my man too , it turns me on like crazy to see him in bliss ….

  10. I really like to try this method on my husband because he does suffer from Prostate Cancer.

  11. Best thing ever as a man! Never have I felt anything like this… The fact I love having this done to me does not embarrass me when talking about sex with females other than my gf. I will say, the orgasm from this can go on for quite a while… its def different… thats where you work up and have an orgasm from the massage only… My woman LOVES doing this to me makes her feel in charge and powerful I love the vulnerability of it. If youre a man and you are afraid of it, youre missing out man! Ladies, if your man can practice good hygiene and he wants this from you do it! You may even enjoy the fact you have him “wrapped around your finger” like you never have before 😀

  12. Anal fingering is one of the greatest sensual pleasures a man can experience. And it’s not just the prostate that feels good; it’s the anus and sphincter and rectum and the buttocks and the whole area. The penetration and sliding in-and-out movement is exquisite. And what Mok says is true: the psychological aspect is a special thrill, as the tables are turned, so to speak. The woman is penetrating the man, and that is really wild and fun for both of them. And the man’s orgasm with anal penetration . . . wow! It can be a real mind-blower!
    I would add to the suggestions of the article that the man not be in need of a bowel movement and that he use an anal douche–a plain water enema–a few times to rinse out his insides. It’s better to be empty and fresh, and it relaxes the muscles too.
    If you explore this and you both really like it, you can go further, with anal toys and even pegging (strap-on dildo sex). Just anal fingering, though, is wonderful and can open up a whole new dimension in your love life.

  13. i am a happily married woman 37 years old and my husband still likes to have sex quite often each week. while i will always let him do it to the only time that i don’t want to is when i am on my period and cramping real bad.this iwhen i give him a complete prostate massage. what i am telking about is after he climaxes i keep on milking his prostate until i have completely milked him dry. after this he doesn’t want sex for several days.

  14. I was married to a girl I loved for many years. Because we wanted to make each other happy we did to each other what we liked to be done. One of my fantasies was to make her rub her clit on my anus. She became addicted to that as it gave her much fun. She would squirt on me. I loved it.

  15. I am so glad to find this article. My husband and I took the plunge and tried it a few months ago. I started off slow. Messaging his balls as I went down on him. I knew what I wanted to do, so I made sure I blew him really good. Spit galore, head bobbing, deep throating – everything. Then, I made my move my slowly massaging his perenium. When he didn’t balk at me – as he did in the past – I inserted my finger and the animalistic growl that came out of him prompted me further. He came hard and a lot. His mind was blown. But it took him a while to accept it. He is a black man with preconceived notions of sexuality, so I am giving him time. Last week, I did not do the massage. As I was in the middle going down, he asked me. Little by little we are getting there. I have trusted him with my body and I am getting real joy from him trusting me with his.

  16. A great way to get parasites 🙁

  17. My husband got addicted to pegging himself with toys, then gay porn, I peg him and he loved it of course, now he is leaving me to be with men, he wants to have an open relationship, but I am not willing to do that, we have been married for 23 years, be careful, what you do, its like opening up a Pandora’s box!

  18. yes put in your lovers kiss me up goods sex rubbers gloves

  19. laura-i am a happily married female 33 years old. I was a virgin when I got married my soph. year of college at 19 years old. we have 2 children at the present time. I always let my husband have sex with me any time he wants to. but I really don’t like to do it on the first several days of my menstrual period when I am cramping so bad. about 5 years ago sever of my friends were talking about this and one of my closet friends asked me why don’t you milk his prostate and this will make him be not so horney.she gave me some instructions and it took me about 6 months to get enough nerve to try it on him.we had been to a party and when we got home I knew what he wanted and I told him that I would like to try something new on him. he got completely undressed and got on the bed, I had put a large beach towel down over the sheets because I knew there would be some k-y jelly dripping down. first I had him get in a knee chest position , I had latex rubber gloves on both hands and a large tube of k-y jelly to lubricate him. I must have put a handful of jelly up in his rectum and then I had him turn over on him back. then I put my finger in him until I felt his prostate , the minute I started to massage it I could hear him moaning, after about 5 minutes I put my other hand around his and was moving it up and down about 10 minutes he was going wild and I knew that he was going to ejaculate very soon.he must have cumed for about 20 seconds but I didn’t stop , I kept on bearing down on his prostate until I had milked everything out of him..and as my friend told me that he didn’t want sex fir about 3 the present time we do this on the first day of my period and once more during the month.

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