Pilar Sanders is ready to shake off those pesky divorce rumors and keep your attention locked on her picture perfect figure.

The mother of three is back in front of the cameras, helping her fans get into shape with her new workout video, which will be broadcasted exclusively on World Star Hip-Hop.

Judging from the teaser it looks like she’ll engage in a few plyometric exercises along with a self-defense session.

We’ll be excited to see whatever Pilar offers

No word has been released concerning when the video will drop officially.

Stay tuned …

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  1. I don’t understand why she would drop this video when she is in the middle of a divorce? She looks good but she comes off as narcissistic in everything she does.

  2. Georgia Watkins

    Yes I will. She is stunning. Is she mixed?

  3. yes i will watch!!

    hopefull this is the start of something. hopefully she can make her own money..

  4. I think this workout video is more focused on showing off her beauty and body & keeping her name in the press. I say that because of three things, number one; Who drops a workout DVD on “WSHH”? number two: Who does a workout with a full face of makeup? (& a “smokey-eye” at that…) and number three: Who does a workout with their hair down or with no headband so it can get all nasty, wet, & sweaty?

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