Oh how I love food. Soul food, seafood, Mexican, Ethiopian, Italian, Brasilian, Moqueca, Acaraje, Tiramisu, Fufu, and Jollof rice, but Thai cuisine is my favorite (bougie Black girl that I am).

Good food is like an orgasm in your mouth. Open your mouth, let the juices and the flavors marinate on your tongue, and glide down your throat. Mmmmmm good.

I am such a foodie and like trying out new dishes on occasion. These women on the web completely inspire my taste buds, and are foodies after thine on heart.

1. Marguerite Daniels posts some of the most sintilating and delectable recipes on her site A Single Chef, and her website covers a gamut of recipes. From drinks, to deserts, homemade sauces, to main event dishes. My favorite being her broiled lemongrass prawns.

2. JenEats is another personal favorite of mine. This chic travels the world in search of food, hickory bacon garnished long island ice teas to sampling international delicacies throughout South America, this chic will travel a distance appease her palette.

3. Krysten Littles, owner of Peace Treatz Veagan Bakery, is both a vegan and pastry chef. Her deserts are 100% natural with no artificial additives (that means no sugar, butter, or animal products), and they almost look too good you don’t want to eat it. She has Mocha Cappucino, Blueberry Wine, and Lemondrop Cupcakes, fresh ginger snap, and iced lemon cookies, and her almond spiced, chocolate coconut, and apple crumb pies and cakes, will almost make your love come down, forgetting that it’s good for you to begin with.

4. Sanura Weathers, chef and blogger for the aptly titled, My Life Runs On Food, shows us how to create savory, palatable, and healthy dishes. Her Quinoa and Sausage Stuffed Peppers with Peanut Butter Sauce is just one example of the exotic flavors that she blends into her thoughtfully construed culinary masterpieces.

5. Nigella Bites – this lady knows how to cook in the kitchen and look good while doing it. With books like How to Be a Domestic Goddess crammed with recipes and other domestic anecdotes this foodie knows a thing or two about cooking. I love her Mango Split recipe. Check out her self-titled website Nigella

6. While I am not a huge salad fan, my friend David over at the Salad Pride blog spot has some incredible recipes, that we live you full and satisfied. Especially the Strawberry Chesee Parmesean Couscous concoction. The flavors join in heavenly matrimony right on my taste buds.

Share: Are you a foodie? What are some of your favorite sites?

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  1. you should add smitten kitchen! recipes are so simple, mostly vegetarian, easy to adjust and delicious! http://www.smittenkitchen.com

  2. I second smitten kitchen!

  3. I third it!

    I’ve been looking for vegan cooking sites since I am doing a month long challenge. I found Fat Free Vegan. While also looking for vegetarian and slow cooker sites, I found Big Girls Small Kitchen, Crockpot 365, The Kitchn, and The Chubby Vegetarian.

    Thank you guys for this listing. I’ve added a number of these to the rest of my food site collection in my Google Reader. 😀

  4. I second Smitten Kitchen, and Fat Free Vegan, also She cooks Thai Food, Ravenous Couple, Rasa Malaysia, Viet World Kitchen and What the Hell does a Vegan eat anyway, to name a few. But please stop identifying cuisine’s like Thai as foods only a Bougie person would love, well traveled is well fed in my book, and many non-veggie blogs have recipes that include solely vegatarian meals or can be modified for that.

  5. I really enjoy Duo Dishes. http://www.duodishes.com/ They give me a way better feeling than The Neely’s on Food Network. I enjoy looking at food on my cpu. Something about it just puts me in a state of relaxation. BTW the resident foodie on here Sanura Weathers is the bomb. I’ve made at ten of her recipes and everyone has been a hit

  6. I’ve been on a single chef for a little while now. She brings it with her pics. But I just clicked on Salad Pride. My new fav. I have been putting off eating salads everyday now I have no excuse. Great post, very informative. When is part 2 coming 😉

  7. Does any have any pricing on vegan treats versus regular? I’m thinking it has to cost an arm and leg in comparison since the ingredients are all natural. #tryingmyhardest2govegan Thanks

  8. You should check out Somali cuisine. There are a few blogs out there but my favourite has to be Xawaash. It’s definitely a great blog for those just starting out with Somali food. http://www.xawaash.com

  9. thanks a lot for the mention. I’m honored.

  10. Thanks for the mention and I enjoyed learning about other food bloggers as well. I’m with Yanni, I love DuoDishes.com, too.

  11. You guys should check out mine! Veggie 101 (www.veggie101.com) is dedicated to vegetarian and vegan recipes and product reviews, while This Can’t Be Vegan (www.thiscantbevegan.com) is 100% vegan madeover recipes. Happy eating!

  12. Thanks for the mention! I blush! I do!

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