Jack Lalanne died yesterday from apparent respiratory complications due to pneumonia.  He survived 96 years, and he seemed in great health the last I seen him on TV in an interview late last year on ESPN.

Dang this sucks because he was an iron man!  He is partly the reason I am doing this blog.  He was one of the first men to say to the world, green can equal muscle.  He is what being a Frugivore means….

I cannot say enough about how much of an inspiration Lalanne is to me.  I juice everyday in his juicer, and watch his nutrition series as much as possible.  This is crazy!

Lalanne was a pioneer in the bodybuilding and fitness arenas.  He was on television regularly during the 1950’s and 60’s, accomplishing many wonderful feats of endurance and strength.  He was the preeminent strong-man of the 20th century.

Lalanne’s work will live on through me and the countless other juice fanatics!

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