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If you thought that you lived in representative democracy, this piece of news should shatter that myth. In a treacherous move on Tuesday, President Obama signed the “Farmers Assurance Provision” of HR 933, known to critics as the “Monsanto Protection Act.” This legislation essentially blocks future litigation targeted at the potential negative health risks and effects of genetically modified crops (GMO) and genetically engineered (GE) crops on human beings.

Although there is no known long-term study to prove definitively that GMO or GE crops cause adverse health effects in human beings, it’s admissible for Americans to worry about their health when multinational corporations are helping write, pass, and conceal legislation concerning their products.

But what is known about GMO crops corroborates everyone’s fears. As multinational corporations continue expand their power over local farming communities across the globe, they stultify a farmer’s autonomy over her or his seed, the foundation of any farmer’s crop. In turn, we are witnessing the destruction of farming economies, which always affects the health of folks.

Food Democracy Now! unsuccesfully petitioned the president to veto the bill, and is now asking for an executive order to call for mandatory labeling of GMO products.

Check out this video from Democracy Now! about the substantials risks GMO and GE crops pose to the environment and overall health of human beings.

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    America is not a plutocracy. America is a plutocratic oligarchy.

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