Are you like most people who visit their local health food store & begrudgingly purchase expensive raw or living food snacks? When faced with a decision to buy more pocket-friendly, cooked snacks or the expensive raw snacks, do you consider which one gives you the most for your money?

If this sounds like you, and even if it doesn’t, here’s some information that we think you’ll find helpful in your quest to get more mileage on your dollar when buying living foods snacks.

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  1. Thank you India for this article. Here are some additional ideas. Those pre-made raw items and specialty items can for sure be pricey. I don’t rely on them for every day. Add items to your pantry gradually.

    I heartily second the notion of making them your self. Experiment, experiment, experiment until you find what works and tastes best for you.

    And remember that by feeding yourself right you can save money on expensive supplements, medications, cosmetics etc. Invest in yourself!!

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