Kim Kardashian has been flaunting her trimmed down body recently, crediting a new gluten free diet for her sexy physique.

She tells US Weekly, “Changing my eating habits makes a big difference. I wake up and eat eggs with turkey bacon, then salad for lunch and fish, pasta or chicken for dinner.”

Added to her new diet is the loss of refined sugars, a trick she’s learned from her organic-loving older sister, Kourtney.

“She’s taught me to eat more organically. She’s a bit extreme, but slowly I’m learning to love it.”

But learning to eat isn’t the only way the reality star is keeping her size 2 body in tip-top shape. She works out with a personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, to pull off high intensity workouts that focus on her abs, glutes, and arms.

She expresses, “You go from running to pull-ups to lunges and crunches to overhead presses. You get more work done in the same time.”

Way to work!

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  1. She looks like she lost a lot but I don’t believe much about pictures these days. I smell photoshop

  2. Size 2? LMAO!!

  3. Note to Frug: One word: PhotoShop

    Advice to Frug: Stop feeding this s..t’s media driven ego. If sites and magazines would stop writing about her she will cease to be of any concern. To anyone. She has no talent, no worthwhile causes and noting the title of this article, she will in fact “jump on anything or anyone” if it means more air time.

  4. LOL!!! “…..more organically……” what a nit wit!

  5. Pasta is not Gluten-Free, someone should tell her. 🙂

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