According to All Hip-Hop, promoters in Guyana have issued a statement regarding a canceled show featuring Rick Ross that was supposed to take place on April 9.

The Miami rapper was supposed to hit the stage at the Easter Fest Rozay at Guyana National Stadium, but the show was abruptly canceled.

Organizers confirmed that Rick Ross was forced to cancel the show in Guyana, because he suffered from a seizure.

The medical condition left the rap star unable to fly, according to the statement.

“The artist has suffered a medical emergency and has been ordered by his doctors not travel,” promoters Hits and Jams Entertainment said in a statement.

Reps for Rick Ross have stated that he will make up the canceled date in Guyana, but there could be issues with a missed date in Houston the night before.

The rap star was also supposed to perform at the Bayou Music Center in Houston on April 8, but missed that performance as well.

Rick Ross will not be rescheduling the stop in Houston.

Even though Frugivore has called for Ross, whose real name is William Roberts, to think about losing weight so that he may enjoy the success of his career long after the bright lights of fame dim, we did not shame him for being overweight. Shaming overweight people seems like all the rave nowadays because it’s the easiest way for people to deflect any attention off themselves — hoping that their addictions to sugar, fat, and/or salt aren’t called into question.

With so many people wondering what triggered Ross’ seizures, it was sad to hear so many people try to start saying Ross needs to start eating better and lose weight to avoid another seizure. While it’s always a good idea to eat better, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to diagnosing seizures.

Seizures are not directly related to obesity although many scientist are starting to make the connection between the modern day foods we eat and irregular brain activity. One of the leading known causes of non-epileptic seizures is sleep deprivation, but, understandably, no one dares mentioning this fact because, in America, “sleep is the cousin of death.”

It’s not a stretch to suggest that more people die from sleep deprivation than any other cause combined. It’s literally the silent killer. Let’s not forget our beloved “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, died trying to get to sleep.

Another prime speculative theory behind Ross’ recent battles with seizures is his reported use of the synthetic version of the popular nightclub drug, MDMA b.k.a. Ecstasy. The emergence of “Molly,” which intensifies the euphoric feeling one typically experiences while on ecstasy, has capitalized off falsehoods and myths told by distributors who claim it’s a safer, purer form of ecstasy. There are more studies that are shedding light on the prevalence of seizures and MDMA use.

The pop and rap music community has embraced the drug that was a staple at raves and House, Dub, and Electronic clubs across Europe and the U.S.. In recent remix of Atlanta rapper Future’s hit “Same Damn Time,” Washington D.C. native Wale sings: “She on Molly, she with Mary, at the same damn time.” Similarly, Madonna was criticized for her reference to “Molly” at a recent concert, asking the audience, “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?,” a slang term for seeking ecstasy. She has since claimed she wasn’t talking about MDMA but instead alluding to a song by Cedric Gervais.

Either way, we hope Ricky Rozay gets well soon.

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  1. De Bawz I figure it’s ’bout time you shade-off a bit and make out time for rest at regular intervals. This heads-up is just so you could keep BALLING. Salute to d MMG crew!

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