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Detroit continues to be plundered under the guise of black political malfeasance, black welfare mentalities, and black dysfunctional communities. It angers me to witness a city that helped buttress black families from the scourge of overt racist terrorism in the Deep South during early and mid 20th century fall victim to Wall Street schemes to sell of its public services to the private sector.

Here are some quotes from the deputy director of the Detroit Water and Sewage Department’s Darryl Latimer, who was interviewed by VICE News for its piece on the Detroit water cutoffs:

“I’ve been here for over 25 years, and for as long as I’ve been here, we’ve (DWSD) always shut off (services) delinquent customers.”

“That’s a common situation with homeowners that are renting, what typically happens is that they allow that water to stay on, and sometimes due to the cold winters, some of our cold winters, pipes may burst, or you may have someone who may squat, or you may have scrapper that comes in and you’re still getting billed for water and you’re not there. Some responsibility is on that owner of that home.”

“When say that there are thousands and thousands upon thousands of customers that are without service is because we have executed a shut-off, I challenge to those advocacy groups, bring those thousands of people to us, and we’ll (DWSD) put them in service — we’ll provide them assistance. Since you’ve said that there is thousands of people, identify them a bring them to us.”

Water may be a basic human right but to deliver water — purified water to you, to your home — to collect your sanitary, sewer, and your drainage, there’s a cost associated with that. So, unless there is someway that the government is going to pay for that cost associated with that, water can’t be free. Everyone has to pay

The lack of compassion, empathy, and the full-scale disregard for human rights in relation to unbridled capital is reprehensible.

Watch the video and form your own conclusions …

What do you think about water cutoffs in Detroit? What would you do to help the residents of Detroit?

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